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  • Wish I had 10 grand for you, but I've got nothing. However I'm sorry to hear your unwell. I'm surprised by the amount though, are you having them diamond encrusted?
    Hope you get well soon! Either that or you bank balance.

    My thoughts are with your teeth buddy,
    Thanks, Tom,

    David's teeth should be OK. Mine aren't, but they want $10,000 plus to do the job right, so it's going to take some time.

    Thanks for listening.

    Hi, just subscribed to the website and long time listener. Listened to some of your older shows and heard your Bill Knell program, and I seriously thought about contacting him via his website to pick him up on some of the many issues surrounding the man in question. Then left it as he is completely not worth any of my time or anyone else's.

    Hope all is well and thankyou for the shows you given us all to be able to discover things paranormal. I hope you do many more! Hope David's ok too and how's his teeth? Strange question I know, but from what I gather from 1 of your shows his teeth seem worse than the ones that most of us Brits have!
    Tom, Leeds, UK

    PS currently trying to listen to most of your previous shows and is a mammoth task.
    How do you want to deal with this enki yahoo? Ignore him and hopes he goes away? Several posters seem top be getting irritated.
    Your call...
    Gene, I found the newspaper article about my Victoria encounter. There are three days of ufo sightings and articles, but this one mentions the calls into the radio station. I am trying to get the clippings.

    I also wish to apologize for not being totally up front with your listeners... as I didn't tell about all my encounters and the real LAST one was a bit over a year ago, but that one is so unreal and the consequences so scary... I thought everyone would just write me off as a nut...

    Started researching going back to day one... and found out that that airforce base my dad worked at in Moose Jaw was the worlds first NATO JET training base which opened around my birth year... There was also the worst Canadian air disater at the time... and also another article about a Canadian airforce craft which tried to shoot down a UFO.. they also built a huge faciltiy in Alberta to build one.

    Thanks for listening

    Hi Gene, Sorry I fed this troll---> Jason Oblivion. I wish I could have banned him myself. He struck a raw nerve in me.
    Hi Mr Gene Steinberg,

    Great show with Mr Kevin Randle and does he have a contact email address?

    No. Not this year. David will be giving presentations, and I'm disappointed I won't be there. But as you probably know, I just don't have the cash to fund a trip this time. Maybe in 2011.

    Hello Gene,
    just wondering if you will be attending MacWorld next week?
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