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  • Hi Gene. Greetings from South Africa! I'm a huge fan of the show, keep up the good work! (sorry for the cliche). Any chance I'm the 1st member from South Africa that you know of?
    Click on the Tech Night Owl tab in our forum, and you'll be able to check my tech commentaries and listen to the show.
    Gene: How do I listen to your Apple/Mac show? I.e., where do I tune in, hours etc.? Thanks. -- Lou
    Hi Gene, I wonder if I may get your opinion on something? Is Mufon still an organization worth joining? I saw that Jesse Ventura show awhile back. The one about the Skinwalker Ranch and they said that Mufon is totally run and controlled by that guy Bigelow. If I understood it correctly? So is Mufon still a legitimate source? Can I still trust their reporting and information? Thank You Gene! Rich(LionHeart)
    Hey Gene, did it register?I know its not much, but I felt like supporting..all the best.
    Gene, just edited and re-edited my post about medical scopolamine in an effort to get main ideas across without being overly graphic. IMO, the documentary is probably not much exaggerated. Scopolamine is some scary stuff.
    Hi, can you help me something (sr about my english not good).

    I had been import my V4 Vbulletin to Xenforo. But i don't know how can redirect SEO URL:




    I see you do it very good. Can you help me please? It's important.

    Thank you very much
    Gene Steinberg
    Gene Steinberg

    You need to post this sort of request in the XenForo forums, not here. There is an add-on to redirect vB4 posts/threads, but it sometimes takes a little tweaking to make it function.

    Been trying to start a thread but get this message

    The following error occurred:

    A server error occurred. Please try again later.

    Have had this a few times since the forum change
    Gene, I know you emailed me in the recent past about helping with computer issues. My life is a bit fragmented right now and I did not mean to disrespect you via ignoring your ask for help via email. Very sorry I could not help at the time. My best wishes to you and yours.
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