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  • I just wrote him on facebook maybe he will contact you guys :) Keep watching the skies my friend your bound to see something one of these days :)
    If hes willing to go on C2C I am sure he would love being on the Paracast.Seems like us forum members might need to start a email campaign :)
    I just wanted to say thanks Gene your show is my favorite one to listen to out of all of the podcast iTunes offers. The nov. 6 show delivered
    Gene, long time fan. I would like to proffer my services as a former editor, future lawyer to you and the Paracast. In return for my invaluable services, I have only one request for consideration. I would like to receive as payment a custom-made Attack of The Rockoids Super Tuck Delux handgun holster :) The new site is going to be great.
    I've requested a merge of our two related threads. Best Hypothesis and Ultimate UFO Poll. As explained in the thread, I had done a search using the keyword "Hypothesis" and yours didn't come up, otherwise I would never have started mine in the first place. I also asked the mod to add the CZH to your poll if you think it's cool. In this case the integrity of the poll won't be affected.

    I'll also take this opportunity to mention that your measure of tolerance and fairness has so far proven to be very refreshing. I'm not afraid to get into the nitty-gritty with the powers that be, and more often than not, they cave to the dark side of their character. The only thing that happened here is that someone closed the thread off after making some irrellevant comment. Essentially the topic had morphed into one about freedoms of other kinds, not just the right to delete our own posts ... and it's ironic that a thread about freedom would be aribrarily closed, especially on the Internet. I don't think you were the one who closed it. You have demnstrated that you aren't that shallow. It was probably one of your mods.

    Anyway, have a great day Gene,

    I can't remove an individual name. The software is buggy. We are waiting for a fix. But we're only sending them every 60 days now. I hope the fix will come before the next mailing.

    Hello, Gene!

    Would you mind removing me from the "We Miss You at the Paracast Community Forum" e-mail? I've been trying for months to get off it. Each month I have to reset my password, open up my closed account just to "unsubscribe". And each month the e-mail comes right back. Thanks!
    Thanks. I'm pretty much resigned to the possibility that it'll never happen. But I welcome your offer.

    Just a short message in regards to disguising the voice of the Dulce whistle blower.
    If you need any help or advice please just message me as I am a full time sound engineer and happy to help with any issues in digitizing the voice.<O:p</O:p
    Kind regards<O:p</O:p
    Dave Stone (aka stonehart)<O:p</O:p

    sorry to bother you, but what happened to Frank Stalter, or rather, why was he banned ?

    All the best

    I'd look into the books discussed on the show. I'm not too much into writing such material anymore.

    Gene any chance that you will ever put together some form of comprehensive guide for the aspiring paranormalist? I recently read chariots of the gods, dark nasa, the book of the enki, and Unified Field Theory. Where does one go from there, I have become a fan of the Paracast and am always looking for more but the more you look and longer you listen everyone and everything gets labeled a scam. How would you recommend someone who is interested in UFO and the paranormal become a solid researcher in the field?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
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