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  • Hi Gene,
    I just want to draw your attention to a two posts I submitted today on the "About the Show - Andrew Neddermeyer interview" thread. I wasn't exactly sure where to put them as my posts do not directly relate to that interview but rather to the introduction segment. I listen to the show every week and thank you for your efforts,
    hiya gene...

    just wanted to say i love the show, and i love what you guys do! keep up the good, nay, excellent work!! :)

    It's a combination of both. Careful settings and a little overall tweaking in post-production.

    As to your browser: Lose Internet Explorer and try Firefox.
    when I try to send a personal message through the member list my browser closes. msnexplorer. any way I was trying to tell you in the pm that I started listening to other shows like paranormal cafe and such. I noticed that on my I-pod u guys sound really good. other shows seem like the guest is really quiet or the host is too loud. Everyone on your show seems the same volume. Is this due to the program you guys record with or is it in production that you fix this?
    I honestly don't know. I wouldn't remove a thread based on that description. Why not post it again and send me a message via the Contact Us form about it?
    I posted a thread asking in anyone was heading to the Archives to research the OSS Personnel Lists that have been released. I was hoping to get someone to look up some names for me and offered to pay them.

    This thread seems to be completely gone. If I violated a rule, I apologize. It certainly was not my intention; it just seemed to me that there was a possibility that someone here may be heading to do some research in the Archive.
    I find that odd with all that big "to do" and now she has nothing to say about what she received. In her last correspondence to Leonard David she said, “Even if not specific to Kecksburg, they will very likely inform us about interesting aspects of NASA’s space program related to the retrieval of unidentified objects during this time period".

    Just the same, I think you guys ought to drill her at least a little bit about what she received.

    I understand very well how responding to a subpoena can go. I worked for a city water department and received a subpoena regarding an Indian reservation (casino) that was in the planning stages. The city wouldn't give them water. I was personally asked to retrieve the documents that were requested but when I did so much of what was requested were not in the files so they never got handed over. So I know anything goes but she still might a tid bit or two. And besides that, everybody has been waiting for an answer as to what she received so I think it's time she told them that she got something or nothing.
    There probably aren't any significant finds. Otherwise, she wouldn't wait for the show to present them. There seldom are in these cases. :(
    I didn't want to start a brand new thread for just this question so I hope you catch this.

    Since Leslie has received the court ordered NASA files, will she be talking about any 'finds' she might have in her possession or even something of a suspicious nature?

    I try hard to promote your show on my blog but if you have any 'new' news it sure would help beforehand. Thank you.

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