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    May 24 Show - 1977 Ellsworth AFB UFO Incident

    Thanks for your response, David. I read the article you linked and remember the incident being recounted on the show in March. I believe your guest, then, also said the reason the security people were so afraid was because it was rumored that one had been "taken" in a prior incident. I've...
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    May 24 Show - 1977 Ellsworth AFB UFO Incident

    When I heard one of your guests mention a 1977 UFO incident at Ellsworth AFB, and that it has since been dismissed as a hoax, I was a bit startled. I’d never heard of the event before, and still don’t know the details other than the few given on the show - or why it was determined to be untrue...
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    1st June Show with Dr. Bernard Haisch

    Schticknz, perhaps “complete” would be a more useful term than “perfect” in describing God - and YOU are the experience of “It” (as your waking identity) exploring in great detail, just a small, specific part of Its completeness. Your will is your personal guide. An essential aspect of...
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    Paraculture of Concast Episode from 4.27.08

    I also was wondering if there might be (if only just a little) flame somewhere in the vicinity of all that Meijer smoke. Is it too weird to consider that, just as photographs can come-off as genuine or fake, the manifestation of “reality” may itself have this same range of capability? And...
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    about dave and the show

    Fastwalker, I hear two things: a personal dislike for the show’s identifiers, but also the impatience that comes from the repetitive micro-editing you mention. And no wonder to the latter! But the show is otherwise reasonably structured, for the interests it must represent, in its un-edited...
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    about dave and the show

    I gotta go along with those supporting Gene, here. I think the hosting chemistry between him and Dave works real well. I do thoroughly enjoy David’s thought-provoking monologues, and often, but don’t always, agree with his conclusions. But Gene seems to know just when to step in to suggest a...
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    April 20 Roundtable and Disclosure

    Questionable gain gambled against a likelihood of great pain (as in de-stabilized control) is the risk those in-the-know must be looking at when it comes to disclosure. So, why take the lid off? Rather than a calculated, trickle-down disclosure agenda, more likely the aging patchwork...
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    Steve Bassett and two part shows

    Which, among our social, religious, economic, or even political or military institutions, could even reasonably hope to offer credible reassurance of their continued viability in the face of a Disclosure so unquantifiable that our very sovereignty as a species was challenged on all fronts...
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    3.16.08 Episode - Don Ledger

    I watched the video of the Stephenville UFO doing its aerobatic light display and it occurred to me that instead of witnessing an object zipping out hieroglyphics at lightning speed, as I at first assumed, I realized that, because of how it would display suddenly, linger, then go out before...
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    Researchers Nancy Talbott & Mac Tonies Come to The Paracast

    Been away for awhile, so I'm playing catch-up, listening to some of the old shows (in this case, December 3, 2006). I was very impressed with the no-nonsense clarity with which Nancy Talbott presented her crop circle information. Remarkable research findings were presented, and I highly...
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    March 9th - Jacques Vallee!!

    Interesting interview, and this is just an aside, but when the slag-dropping incident was mentioned by Dr. Vallee, the idea occurred to me that perhaps at least some technologies might utilize an ingot/heatsink solution if an emergency overheat condition develops. A block of metal could be...
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    New shows

    Hi Gene. You seem to have hopped-over my post about a Cayce-oriented interview. I'm just wondering if it's a possibility, or even a consideration; maybe the wheels are already turning, etc. Dennis
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    New shows

    Any thought of interviewing someone from the Edgar Cayce organization? Edgar Cayce' s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) - Edgar Cayce readings: Spiritual Growth, Health, Ancient Mysteries I've heard Charles Thomas Cayce, and John Van Auken - both give intelligent, thoughtful...
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    Steven Greer

    I don't think Greer makes any qualms about connecting dots possibly linking traditionally hardware-based UFO thinking, to psychological phenomena - and that's not so inconsistent with the road modern physicists seem to be heading down as well. The phenomena is broadly diverse and may not be...
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    Canadian UFO investigator Chris Rutkowski and Paranormal Expert Dr. Siouxz Sebek

    I also liked the show. A couple thoughts: In Dr. Sebek's segment, the question was raised about what might govern the particular appearance of a discarnate entity - and while it's being a deliberate choice on the spirit's(?) part was considered - I would suggest that what the entity is...