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Would You Stay In A Haunted House?

i don't know what 'quid' is, but i'd stay in one whether getting paid or not as long as i got a small crew of people with me there to document the hauntings.
A quid is like saying a "buck" for pounds, although correct me if I'm wrong. I'd probably be creeped out but since it would basically be a spooky house, I would survive. Also bring tons of recording equipment since ghosts won't appear when they are being monitored. Also, it helps that they don't exist.
Many purported hauted houses are marvellous old manors. If that's the case you can count me in even for 0 quid. If I could keep the house that would be even better :).
My grandparents lived in a rurual town in Alabama in a very old and (I think) haunted house. There were some things that happened there when I was young that I still dream about at times. I was just recently thinking about going back there someday soon and checking it out. Seeing if I would still get the same vibes. Now, honestly I don't know if it was "haunted" by "other" spirits or if most or all of it (although I honestly don't think so) was in my mind. I have mixed emotions about going back simply because I don't want to stir up something (be it an actual spirit or a psycological response) that I couldn't close when I needed to. I think I might get in touch with a paranormal group in that area and see if somehow I could be a part of an investigation.
I must add that my current house (apartment) is haunted by two terrible evil spirits: lack of space and noisy neighbours. :)

That is the worst haunting you can have. Been there and that one I don't want to go back and investigate. :)

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Bye the way...and this is only to the ones who take this stuff seriously from a spritual perspective and even a pshcological one. What about going back to a place where you had some "vibes" in your youth? Opening up a door that should stay closed or digging for answers? Cause I am thinking of doing it.
i would stay in the most haunted of houses with no problem. i live with a crazy redheaded women so it would be a nice break for me.
I have an open offer to all and sundry: any haunting, demonic presence, troll bridge, whatever. I've got no worries on the subject.
I'm staying in one in the very near future... www.whispersestate.com. I work with the owner at our 'day job' and he let's my research group swing in for meetings and hunts when he's not booked up. I think there is, genuinely, an irrational fear when it comes to 'haunted' houses...fear of the unknown, but it's my sincere believe that if ghosts exist they cannot harm you. I'm of the same mind-set with demons. I've never seen thing-one with my own eyes to conclude otherwise. For me, any paranormal activity in the area is more startling than something to be feared. It's something unexpected so you jump and curse and yell, "What the frak was that??" Taking a deep breath and realizing that you're not harmed allows you to calm down and ponder what you've just experienced.

Another example of that irrational side of the fear; my group was conducting a presentation for the local geneology dept. and as part of the presentation I started to pay some EVP we had caught in earlier investigations. After the first sound bit, one of the women got up and moved to the very back of the room, away from the front where I was playing the audio. She started pacing and rubbing her hands, and I had to remind her that, "I didn't bring 'them' with me, you know." It was pretty funny but showed that she had that intense fear of the phenomena, even when NOT in a haunted house. Good times, freakin' people out like that, LOL!


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...Also, it helps that they don't exist.

Your statement is irrational and cannot be scientifically proven by current techniques and technologies employed.
Nope , image having your sheets pulled off you while asleep by a apparition /cloudy figure standing at end of your bed with a rope around its neck which wakes you up. Light bulbs exploding and plates thrown around the room. Windows and doors slamming. Cold areas in the house and nausea feelings . Lights being switch on and off. Let them or it be. However, if you like that sort of thing make sure it does not follow you home!
It depends. Would there be refreshments served? I'm partial to a nice hoppy IPA.

My answer to the question is no, but one advantage of this would be that no refrigeration would be needed if the refreshments are kept in the cold part of the house :).... were the lights flicker on and off, strange ghostly sounds emit along with footsteps on the creaking floor, were shifting shadows roam. Ok I guess there is no advantage.
I would most certainly stay in a haunted house and I have! :) I am a paranormal investigator based in Virginia with the group 3:33am Paranormal Research. How about taking this question to the next level.. Would you stay in a Haunted Hospital? Again, my answer would be a whole hearted YES! (pun intended) As a matter of fact, September 3, the weekend of Labor Day here in the US. My team and I will be doing a 24-hour lock down at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital (Home - Old South Pittsburg Hospital) in Tennessee. This a 68,000 sq ft abandoned hospital and a hot bed of paranormal activity. Don't believe in ghost? LOL You will when you come out of this place. Claims of 7 ft Shadow figure, screams, doors slamming and more. Check out our website for more info. We will be posting info on how you can watch this investigation unfold live as well as others that we will be doing in the future.