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  • And this doesn't have to break the bank. Balloon gig, $500-$1000. When u achieve results start working your way up the scientific/academic ladder. Also ppl like Kaku, Musgrave etc that have expressed interest in the past, woo them. I think this can be done. If you have to go reality TV, fine. Just do more than tromp around in the weeds at night for $250,000 an episode. GOD WHAT I COULD DO WITH THAT MONEY!!!!!!
    Also passive radar re Peter Davenport. Something I call Observation Through Technical Means ( although I'm sure I'm not the first and only)
    At any rate I think we need to change this WHOLE thing. Endless taking reports and cataloging them has gotten us little. Disclosure? Fagetaboutit!! Isn't about Time we just started hunting the mothers down? Put a videocamera with nightvision on a balloon at night, loft to 100,000 ft. Nothing should be flitting around up there. If it is, NOW you have something to show.
    In choosing presenters you have to determine who's drunk from the koolaid. Tim good definitely. Nick pope perhaps. And past experience has shown that to ask presenters ahead of time for the content of their presentation is probably a wise move.
    Hope I didn't step on any toes regarding Tim Good but I was quite upset with his presentation. He sat in front of me for th better part of 2 days listening to, what I believe IMHO, was one of the highest caliber of those involved in ufology you can get. And then he goes off the rails with his tall tales that he in no way sources or showes evidence for.
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