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Would You Stay In A Haunted House?


Paranormal Novice
If I was allowed to take a 24 pack of beer with me I would try it out. Im not gonna guarantee the first time something weird happened that I wouldnt proceed to jump out a window.


Skilled Investigator
Bye the way...and this is only to the ones who take this stuff seriously from a spritual perspective and even a pshcological one. What about going back to a place where you had some "vibes" in your youth? Opening up a door that should stay closed or digging for answers? Cause I am thinking of doing it.
That would depend on the experience i think.. my hauntings were pretty scary and i will never ever ever go back to that place again.

Snidely Whiplash

Paranormal Maven
Hell no I wouldn't stay in a haunted house. I would hope I had enough balls to brave an investigation but beyond that no way. I need to get a good night sleep not freak all night.


An Open Minded Skeptic
I stayed in the Farnsworth House at Gettysburg, a supposedly haunted homestead of some fame. My wife and I actually did a small investigation and took many photos and attempted an EVP session or two. We found it to be nothing of its supposed fame, but then again, I don't believe everyone will experience a haunting or residual just because they visit.


Armchair hero
Sure i would, because i don´t really believe in "haunted" places in the first place.
Old, creaky places don´t bother me.


Sanity is a default
Personally, I welcome experiences that help add data to my ongoing inquiry into the nature of reality. So yes, I'd go. A companion would be nice, dog or human.