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USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
I've had several weird experiences dating all the way to childhood. I've seen a ghost, a UFO ( alien craft ), experienced missing time, and more; too much to post up here. That's probably the main reason why I don't arbitrarily rule out the paranormal stories of others. This realm is a strange place to exist in. So-called normal life is just a thin veneer over a wider and deeper reality. Some people are afraid of telling others what they have experienced. I'm still reserved about certain things, but the older I get the less I care what other people think, and the more I think it's a shame we can't be more out in the open about our paranormal experiences. If anyone is interested they can check out how I became interested in ufology and some short descriptions of some of my experiences here: http://www.ufopages.com/Reference/BD/Murphy-02a.htm
I've only had two paranormal experiences in my life (I'm 22) and hope to have many more. My first experience was when I was very young (5-6 maybe). My Grandmother had just passed away and some time shortly after we found out, I was taking a bath (with the restroom door open so I could see out into the hallway) and a young woman in a big, ruffled victorian style dress walked by the door from right to left and disappeared down the hall. I found out later that my grandmother's favorite thing to do was throw victorian style parties when she was younger.
My second experience was recent. On the evening of September 24, 2010 around 10:00pm I was driving home from work (I live in Las Vegas, NV) and when I exited the freeway onto Tropicana Blvd a bright red light flashed in the eastern sky near Sunrise Mt. and a red bolt of light shot across the sky from east to west and disappeared over the horizon. I looked around in the local news the next morning but could not find any reports of this happening.


Paranormal Novice
Ok, here goes. My personal UFO experience. 1989. I was in my late teens, probably 17 or 18. I was hanging around a shopping mall as teenagers do. It was dark so I am guessing about 2000 hrs. It was very warm so I am thinking summer, in my small hometown of Pinetown, South Africa. I was on the roof parking lot of this mall doing god knows what when I noticed a light travelling across the sky, right to left as I was looking. It was quite bright, blinking mostly a red colour. I am no great judge of distance, but it seemed far away but not terribly far away. Perhaps the height of a plane when it becomes visible in the night sky? This on it's own was compelling, but the show hadn't even started yet. As the object moved overhead I noticed that it was flanked on either side by an identicle object. These objects eventually came 'together' and became one before they disappeared from sight. They may have been moving into formation causing the optical illusion that they were joining, I haven't a clue. Now here's the punchline. This happened over and over again, i must have seen dozens of groups of 3 passing overhead. I even walked over the road to call my friend who lived in some nearby flats. We climbed to the roof of her building and marvelled at this strangeness. I still have no idea what they could be.

PS - If anyone has any ideas or questions, pop into my 'new guy' thread and have your say New Guy


Paranormal Novice
Hi DT, can you elaborate? Were they 'joining up'? I have always wondered if this was a perspective issue, maybe they were falling in-line with each other. How many did you see, and have you any idea how far away they were? Sorry for all the Q's but I have always wondered if anyone else has seen this phenomena. I just can't rationalise this away!
I was about twelve when i saw a very bright reddish light that seemed like it was miles away and then all of a sudden it was very close what seemed to be a few hundred yards away above a hill that i was across from.It seemed to grow in size and intensity and then all of a sudden it seemed to disappear and be to the left and then disappear and seemed to be on the right and then it disappeared again and was right back in its original spot and grew brighter once again and then it just seemed to move backwards at such a speed that it might as well have vanished.This happened very late about 2 or 3 in the morning and what was strange is when i was seeing it i couldnt hear any noise from my surroundings and when it left all sounds returned.I was fishing and couldnt even hear the water anymore very strange huh.Ive always wondered if it was one large craft and the lights were on different points of it or if it was three different craft.If it was one large craft it would have made a perfect triangle .If they were different craft that joined up they did it in a way that my eyes couldnt tell which is why i think it was one huge craft.Though i maybe wrong and they were three craft moving in such a away and at such a speed that they seemed to be one large craft .
Hi DT, can you elaborate? Were they 'joining up'? I have always wondered if this was a perspective issue, maybe they were falling in-line with each other. How many did you see, and have you any idea how far away they were? Sorry for all the Q's but I have always wondered if anyone else has seen this phenomena. I just can't rationalise this away!
It seemed like the two smaller lights that appeared on the left then right faded out and then the larger light was in the center again and then seemed to take off and disappear in the blink of an eye .I wonder myself if the two smaller lights were blinking out and then lined up with the larger object and i couldnt tell from my perspective. They large object seemed about 500 yards away while the two smaller lights seemed about 1000 yards away but hard to judge because it was very dark out in the desert .I think it may have been one large triangle shaped object and the larger one was the front light while the smaller ones were on the corners on the sides.I heard no sound from it and couldnt even hear any sound from my surroundings either which was so strange because I was on the bank of Apache lake and should have heard the water and sounds of the desert and the wind around me and when the object was gone i could hear everything again as if a unmute button was hit.My mother and her friend have also seen strange objects at the same lake years before

@digital trickster, did the crafts have any audible sound associated with them?
posted reply to my sighting if you wanna read it


Paranormal Novice
The first time I saw something that was bizarre was when I was with the Canadian Armed Forces back in'88. I was a Trooper with the 8th Canadian Hussars stationed at camp Zimmermann near Rottweiler, Germany. At the time I was a jeep driver for the Canadian and British officers. Because the exercise had not started my fellow troopers and I had duties throughout the camp. Mostly cleaning before / after meals or fire picket. It's pretty easy walking around the compound looking for someone who should not be there, looking for fires for usually 2 hours then trading with the next detail. Just after 2 am I started walking around the building where tent city was while my partner was in the canteen bathroom. Quietly standing alone just as I passed the corner of the brick building was someone not part of our team. The person was under a bright light, about 10 feet away from a brick wall turned toward me. The shadow I assume from the bright light casting on him making it hard to see if he had on a uniform or civilian clothing on. But what stood out was that he was dancing. His arms were crossed, kicking one foot out and dropping down on the other foot then would repeat the same procedure to the other side. He did it perfectly a couple of times then slowly placed his hands on his side. From the surprise of seeing this I had stopped about 15 feet away. I had no idea what was going on as he did not move and did not seem to notice or really care I was there. Walking down the path I tripped on one of the rocks and looked down to check my path. As I looked up again to watch him but was no longer there. He should have been there everything was too far away from him or at least seen something of him as he hid. When my partner came back we checked the lines and reported the incident. It took me a while after the incident to get a grip on what had happened. The incident was not scary just very weird. Enough to look into ghosts myself.


Paranormal Maven
I frequently have knowing experiences and until recently I didn't take them very seriously and just thought they were coincidences. My mother and I have always had esp experiences and believed in that phenomena. She is a die hard skeptic and yet believes there are things we don't understand.
The house i was raised in was full of paranormal activity. The television going on and off by itself. I recall watching one afternoon and the tv turned off. I turned it on. It went off. I turned it on it went off, I began to get scared, turned it on once more and it stayed on. I also heard footsteps coming down the hall constantly. And I mean constantly. All day. It was just there. At times I'd hear the footsteps come to the bedroom door and I'd wait for someone to come in. Get up and open the door, and no one was there. Freaked me out. I also would feel something banging my bed from underneath. One night my nightstand began shaking. I thought it was an earthquake. Wasn't. Other family members would occasionally speak up about something they'd experience, but it was a taboo subject. My parents were atheists. I hated that house and couldn't bear to be alone in it. These were some early experiences.
I think the most dramatic of my experiences was when I had left home to go to college. I was living in a four unit apartment complex in Costa Mesa in 1979. There was a serial killer in the news. He was climbing through open windows on first floor apartments and killing young women and raping them. Of course I was fearful, but I lived with my boyfriend and the killer wasn't attacking if there was a man living in the house. There were two young women living directly across from our apartment. One afternoon I was home alone studying and a solicitor came to the door. The moment I set eyes on him I knew he was the killer. I knew it! He was very handsome and well dressed. The first thing he asked was "is your husband home." I pretended he was out momentarily and was there anything i could help him with. He politely dismissed himself. Maybe it was just a coincidence considering the gals across from me were single and the perfect targets, but I had this moment of clarity. I had just gotten into my car and was about to pull out to go to school and it hit me, they were next. I'm 51 and that moment is forever burned into my memory. The quality of the air, the light, the detail of the car interior. Approximately a week later it happened. 2am, a knock at the door. My neighbor had come home to find her friend murdered. We called the police. They questioned us. I told them about the solicitor I thought was him. They noted it but didn't think it was him because others hadn't mentioned such a thing. Then over the course of several months the police would show up asking more questions, particularly about the solicitor. They came to think it was him and it's how he canvassed for victims.
A creepy event I don't care to think about.
I had a death dream that came true. My father.
Some time ago I had an experience of knowing a future event that no one else saw coming, not even the person who perpetrated it. A cheating x boyfriend. I really hated being right! I knew exactly how it would play out, and it did. Did I cause it? Was it subtle things I saw that i wasn't aware of consciously?
I live on an island. A couple weeks ago my present boyfriend left for a few days without mentioning it. I knew he was gone within hours. In my heart I felt he was off the island and his mind in a different place. I couldn't feel his presence. I searched.
Just yesterday my mother had an angiogram. I was very worried and nervous, my heart pounding as I waited for her to come out from the procedure. Approximately 40 minutes into it, I felt this calm and knew everything was ok. That she wouldn't need surgery. And it turned out that way.
I just seem to know things and events. I And also people when I meet them. Their motives and intentions with others and the world around them. And if I'm around them for any length of time, I know them better than they know themselves. It's all like seeing pieces of puzzles that fit together. But these things are not consistent and I can't see or feel when I really want to. Do others have these feelings and intuitions? Is this common?
Then, unlike the knowing thing, I saw something odd in my yard. My yard has no fence and 90 acres of woods around it. Around 2:30 in the morning I got up to go to the bathroom which is right off the master bedroom. From there I could see my dog on the bed looking intently and growling at something outside. I have allot of wildlife around, so I figured it was a deer or raccoon. As I got into bed I was casually looking outside at what caught his attention. I couldn't see anything. But oddly I noticed the horizon was very low in the woods. I could see the night sky through the black trees and it was a cloudy, still night. But this horizon thing caught me. I laid down, he continued to growl, and I kept thinking "hmmmm, I don't recall being able to see the horizon that low. So I sat up and looked closer. It was impossible. There's a ravine and woods with thick brush, and a hill of more of the same beyond, so it couldn't be the horizon. It was a light. As though a piece of the sky was on the ground. Dome shaped, the edges somewhat loose and blurry. We sat starring, he growling and me wondering "What the heck?." As I watched it seemed to slightly intensify and shed light on the tree trunks around it. It was weird because I could see the textured detail of the tree trunks, yet shouldn't be able to from that distance. about 30 ft. And the light it gave off varied. The dome shaped piece of sky wasn't bright at all. It was the same value as the sky. I sat and watched for about 5 minutes and then could see it begin to fade and knew it was going out. And it did with a slight and subtle flash. I did a search on light phenomena and found an illustration of what I thought it could be. Just a dome shaped, ethereal looking light. No explanation. That was two and half years ago and I haven't seen it since. I look now and then, but nothing. At times I wish I had had the guts to go outside and approach it. I was too afraid.
I don't know how this ties in with that kind of 'knowing,' but these are a few of my experiences. I'd like to learn to harness any abilities I may have, if any. I'm torn between skepticism and what might be called the paranormal.

You're not the only one that happens to. I think "just knowing" happens more commonly than suspected but is often dismissed as coincidence because it's so EASY to dismiss it as coincidence. If you were a skeptic you wouldn't even think it worthy of consideration.

When I grew up I commonly "just knew" when something wrong. For me it happened most "dramatically" when I was thirteen and a friend of mine was staying over for dinner. We had ordered a pizza and went to pick it up. To my mother and my friends "ire?" I refused to go in and get it. After a roughly ten minute argument my mother decided to go get it herself. It turned out that they had put the order under another name. If I had gone in we never would have gotten the pizza. I know it's not as dramatic or as dangerous a situation as you described but I just knew something was wrong with the order and I stubbornly stuck to my guns. I just knew something was wrong. So I was right and we never spoke of it again.


Paranormal Novice
UFOs Orbs and other critters in San Antonio

Has anyone seen any ufos or other strange things in or around San Antonio?

Angel of Ioren

Friendly Skeptic
Staff member
I'm pretty sure that's just bugs. Also, with your ISO up that high in the daylight, you're going to get a lot of noise in the image. I know, I have the exact same camera.

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
Well Angelo - I agree with the orbs comment, in fact I think the San Antonio vid is just showing something floating, possibly an insect, and it's kind of the same effect you get with floating dust in houses, although I am no expert at all.

But I've always thought there might be something to 'rods'. I do think many rods vids are just insects but I've seen quite a few that I really don't think are insects but I don't know that for a fact of course. Are you totally disbelieving of all 'rods' claims?

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
Ok fair enough. Tell you what Angelo if I happen to stumble on a piece of footage allegedly showing rods I shall post the link and as for your thoughts. I don't even know if that will happen or if I can find what I'm looking for but although always skeptical about rods, I'm sure I saw a few things that did not look like they could be any insects or camera glitch type things.

My mind is far from made up on them so maybe I do need to find some vids and really explore the whole thing more. This has happened for me with crop formations recently so I am always ready to have my beliefs challenged and changed.

Angel of Ioren

Friendly Skeptic
Staff member
Same here Goggs. Over the past 10 years, my opinion has changed on so many things paranormal, rods being one of them. I thought they were the coolest things when I first heard about them on this "science" special on TLC. After learning about video editing and photography, I've come to understand how hand why the appear.
Does anyone know if it happens less with HD video? I would think no since it's still 30FPS, but I could be wrong. I don't think you'll ever see a "rod" caught with a high speed camera.