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Politics & The CIC/Prez

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This reporting uses Trump's own tax returns as evidence of his dealings with China and other countries:

I contrast, Biden's tax returns, which have been public for years, do not indicate any questionable accounts. Note that Trump fought tooth and nail to prevent his tax returns from being released. What did he fear?
Ha ha ha ha — Out of the fire and back into the frying pan: Russell Brand Stay Free #235
The link doesn't seem to load here. Rumble appears to have been banned ( lol )

Now 25 out of 50 States Standing with Texas Against Federal Government​

Simple answer: It's the typical blue versus red state divide and doesn't necessarily demonstrate which positions are the right ones to take.

But calling Biden an "election thief-in-chief" is outrageous, as is the claim that the government's handling of the immigration problem is "illegitimate." It is an ongoing problem, but until both sides get together in Congress to provide a fix, it'll go on.
Article IV, Section 4. If the Feds stop obeying the law, and abdicate their responsibilities under the highest law of the land, it can't be wrong for States to cover for them...
But the Feds didn't abdicate any responsibilities; they are expending billions of dollars with thousands of people to try to cope with the border. If you want a solution to the immigration problem consider the bipartisan bill being worked on now, and how Trump asked Republicans not to support the bill because it would benefit Biden.

The immigration problem has existed for decades.
Ha ha ha ha — Out of the fire and back into the frying pan: Russell Brand Stay Free #235
The link doesn't seem to load here. Rumble appears to have been banned ( lol )

Welcome back Randall!

I'm not going to say we need unbiased view though.

UFO:s anyone???
Well, the money was allocated for it and can't be used for anything else. But perhaps Biden will commission a design that isn't so easily penetrated with saws and ladders.
Indeed, you can make it better. We have the same issue here now with the Russian front.

Its kinda sad, there is now rising a new cold war wall - a very physical one. And strangely, its now to keep them out, as Russia and pals bring illegals to our borders.

In the old days, we did not want fences, so people from the USSR could take the risk and come to the west. Its all different now.
Lots of talk now on Biden being forgetful and senile. Hard to think that is fake. US Democrats need to come up with contingency, and soon.
Look at the clips of the outlandish word salad spouted by Trump. He seems more vigorous and all, but his ideas are just insane and beyond our reality. He talks about Obama still being present, the danger of causing World War II. See?

I just think that when you get to be our age, you don't have the stamina to do that job. Consider how both "W" and Obama aged from their eight years, and imagine what would happen to either Biden or Trump serve over the next five years.
That was not a Trump-positive comment - I think he is also something we don't want to see in the office.
I just wonder that democrats don't have any other candidates? (except Hillary I suppose)

My country just elected a president who is 56.
Gavin Newsom, current governor of California, would be a good replacement for Biden. I'm disappointed with Harris as VP, but they may fear removing her because of the racial factor.