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Politics & The CIC/Prez

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Consider that Trump has been indicted four times, with dozens and dozens of criminal counts.

Yet he has paid nothing for bail and gets to keep his passport and travel where he wants. That's what a two-tier justice system is really about. If you are rich and connected, you stay free and can appeal a conviction for many years.

My prediction: If it doesn't appear as if he will win the 2024 election for President, he will fly in his private plane to a country where there is no extradition treaty to live out the rest of his days.

He will never be locked up.
With this result, skeptics of the January 6th insurrection need to stop claiming it was just a demonstration gone bad, or a plot from the FBI or Antifa for —what? Why would a left-wing group demonstrate to keep a conservative Republican in office? And the FBI has always been Republican leaning. They don't tell you that.

Over 1,000 people were arrested, with over 600 convicted. Among the confessions made from defendants, that they were rioting strictly under the direction of Trump.

Remember during a debate for the 2020 election when Trump, when asked by the moderator to condemn far-right extremists, such as Proud Boys, he announced, "stand back and stand by."
Here is an article about a problem having a sensible discussion between Democrats and Republicans, the constant lies about Democratic positions about abortion.

These lies have been repeated for years (even during the 2008 campaign about Obama).

They have been debunked with facts for years.

Yet they are still repeated. Why?

Trump claims to be 6'3" tall, but that's an obvious lie.

As you see from the photo below, he's standing next to former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who is 5'10".

Trump is probably an inch or two taller, even with his high shoes and oversized fake hair:

Screen Shot 2023-10-05 at 11.48.37 AM.png
One more: From a YouTube video, how the attacks from Trump match those of Hitler. This is frighteningly obvious, and you can all check for yourself how accurate these quotes are:

Screen Shot 2023-11-15 at 7.12.21 PM.png
Poor bastard. Next, we’ll hear that Mr. Deep Pockets, (Bigelow), teamed up with Mike Lindell, (the My Pillow guy), in placing his god-awful pillows over and suffocating democracy before decorating his flop houses with them.
And no a reality check on the fake claims that the Biden administration wants to ban gas stoves:

And please don't get me started on claims from Fox News you have to spend $90 just to buy a turkey in the U.S., when frozen "Butterball" turkeys are a fraction of that price.

And lower this year than last.
Amidst unproven claims that Biden somehow benefitted to the tune of $4,000 from China (it was actually Hunter’s repayment of a car loan), it turns out that the Trump Crime Family received millions from China while he was President. His tax returns revealed that he even had a bank account in China.