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Politics & The CIC/Prez


As you see, he does exaggerate and lie from time to time, as do all politicians.

But Donald Trump does it far more often:

Yes, the Republican Party in the U.S. wants to give rich people tax cuts, cut corporate tax rates, and throw the middle class and poor into the street. They won't approve social welfare programs or other programs to allow people to rise out of their station in life and succeed. Take a look at the no votes they cast and you'll see what I mean.
I’ll allow it because it’s not specifically about the disease. And it was devised and approved during Trump’s corrupt administration.
Funny how the people who want to think Biden is unfit mentally don't bother to look in their own backyards, at Trump's rapid disintegration mentally.

Like saying that he can declassify documents by just thinking about them on the Sean Hannity show, and following up with a deranged statement about the FBI coming to his resort to look for Clinton's emails.

And I don't have to provide a link. You know what he said and it's easily searched, that and lots of other examples of Trump's habitual word salad getting worse.
And one more thing: You can easily take anyone's statement, just a few words, out of context — particularly someone who stutters, like Biden — and make it look real bad. But you refuse to address the genuine problems with what Trump says, especially claiming he could declassify a document with his mind, before veering about the FBI looking for Clinton's emails at his resort.

What are you afraid of?
Yep, Trump would just let Putin have his way and be done with it. Remember when the war in Ukraine broke out, Trump extolled Putin's brilliance rather than condemn the act.

Notice how some Fox News talking heads continue to fawn over Orban.

Many people forget how much business Trump has done with Russia and Russian oligarchs over the years. Consider his practice of selling high-priced condos to rich Russians, a common scheme for money laundering.
Indeed, this "peace" would probably simply end Ukraine as a nation.

I'm sure with current NATO and Biden, Ukraine and Russia will eventually negotiate peace - not third parties. As it should be.