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Politics & The CIC/Prez

But this "woke" development is not healthy at all. We had this positive segragation already years ago here, you could get to university with an ease if you went to exam in swedish instead of finnish language. They had like 20% of positions reserved, all you needed was to show up and take the exam. It was widely known that it was completely unfair system.

Now we are asked that ethnicity etc gives the same priviledge. Kids who study like hell and know their stuff should be ignored, and give their place to someone else. There is something utterly wrong in this system.
To me woke is a meaningless nonsense term.

When it comes to affirmative action, it’s good unless it goes too far. Then it’s unfair.
Time to lock him up. For real:

10 seconds of research would have actually delivered some facts:

10 seconds of research would have actually delivered some facts:

Nothing about that "fact check" does anything to address the issues Megyn brought-up. If you learned how to do your own fact checking, you'd know that. The first thing I learned is that you need to know how to fact-check the fact checkers for yourself, because they're far from reliable, and as usual, you still refuse to do that, relying on political favoritism and unrelated issues to attack the credibility of the person you disagrees with you, and when that doesn't work you start censoring their content.
Megyn has no reputation for factual accuracy. I don't have the time to waste checking every claim made by extremists. I prefer to deal with the real world, which has nothing to do with political favoritism but with reality. What I provided was a realistic look at who and what Dr. Fauci has been as a scientist for many decades. The only reason the right wing hates him is that he regularly disagreed with Trump, whose COVID policy was a joke.

I censor false content on COVID that has health consequences, and thus is a danger if people buy into it.

Now I assume you're ready for your daily dose of disinfectant, right?
No she wanted to become a star of the mainstream media, but her NBC show failed big time. So she is now consigned to a little show on SiriusXM and YouTube videos.
And here's another reason for her departure:

And her departure from NBC:

The biggest story on this video is Kelly's use of the "F-bomb." From what I see, she mostly repeats the same old fictions about Fauci, suggesting he is somehow being deceitful because his views changed on some matters over time. Science changes, and the understanding of the infections he researched changed over time too. What is normal is exaggerated and presented as a deep cause for concern, when it would be a matter of concern had he not changed his views.
One more thing: I gave Randall a pass on this one, because it provided a key example of Kelly's desperate attempts to stay relevant after she left Fox News and failed on a major network. No more COVID!!!!!!