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Politics & The CIC/Prez

He's not disarming people entitled to own guns. He merely wants common sense gun controls. You folks in Canada can't imagine how bad it is here. This is just more nonsense from the failed Megyn Kelly. As usual she has no respect for facts and reason.
Since there's been no response, let me put it this way: If you want to post a short video to make a point or two, fine. But just posting someone's 99-minute show, evidently in its entirety, serves no purpose. Anyone who wants to listen to Megyn Kelly can do so via visiting YouTube or signing up with SiriusXM satellite radio. No more please unless you want to use a segment to enhance an argument.
Another example that Trump's off the rails behavior is itself off the rails.

In a TV interview, he claimed that he could just think about declassifying a document and it would be declassified. In other words, he claims to have psychic powers:

And one more thing: It's a red herring regardless. Whether or not he declassified the documents in question — and there's no evidence that he did and his lawyers will not make that claim in court — they still belong to the U.S. and not to him.
Ukraine appears to be pushing for a total destruction in Crimea. Meanwhile, the U.S. is more involved than ever before. Let's retire the term "proxy war." It's not proxy. It's a war and the West is all in. Scott Ritter highlights the war crimes carried about the U.S. attacking a nuclear reactor in Ukraine.

The U.S. did NOT attack a nuclear reactor in Ukraine or commit war crimes; That was Russia, and it's been highly documented by responsible journalists.

More to the point, the concept of this video is false; sounds like Russian disinformation, which has become part and parcel of the extreme right-wing meme.
Well. Europe is in trouble. The Nordstream pipeline was sabotaged. Who did it? Who knows. Accusations are flying from all sides.

This much is certain. Russia has no bargaining chips left. No matter what goes down this winter, Germany and the rest of Europe don't have any chance of getting any gas from Russia. There could be a miracle peace agreement. Europe is still going to freeze.

Maybe asking which government is responsible is the wrong question. Maybe we ought to ask which corporation or international NGO is behind it. Who's agenda gets advanced regardless of the identity of the perpetrators?