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Politics & The CIC/Prez

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Remember Trump has words, the best words.

I just wonder what his dad had to spend to bribe Wharton School into taking him as a student.
Taking advantage of tax laws is not illegal.

More to the point, we know what the President has earned, since his tax returns are public. Compare that to the questionable information about Trump's finances and how he has been involved in with hundreds of millions of dollars of tax avoidance schemes.

Sure, there some squirmy issues with regard to Hunter Biden finances, but he is someone who has held no government office and doesn't work with his dad. But they pale into insignificance when you compare them to anything Trump and his family have done.
The Department of Justice is investigating him, and unlike Trump and his minions, he is cooperating. He has already paid back taxes, and is under investigation for possibly avoiding taxes on other transactions (again a fraction of what Trump has done over the years), and misstating his drug addiction on an application for a gun permit.
There is nothing Biden can say in all his gaffes over the years, and there are many, that matches what Trump routinely does with his addled brain.
I also had a chat with my friends recently, and we thought one of the issues in the US in the two-party system. You need a third party - one that is big enough and reliable. Not those communists that keep coming up.

I'd like to suggest a Franklinian party, based in classical libertanism, that has so well been lost in western democracies. Ben Franklin was a true libertarian embracing ideas of Voltaire and other contemporaries.

In a small recap, it means dropping control and totalitarism, what almost all parties push these days. Free speech, representation, ownership etc.
Not true. Other than hate speech and personal attacks, I generally only eliminate the COVID-19 misinformation you've presented.

I have given you plenty of examples of where your fringe stuff is incorrect. You have no examples to prove otherwise.
Very few of your posts have been deleted, and the references I've provided and the facts I've produced speak for themselves.

Please don't post unless you have something valid to say.
Please don't post unless you have something valid to say.
That's funny — How about you convince me that you can tell the difference instead.
Hey, did you ever get any money from the COVID relief plan?

"Many who participated in what prosecutors are calling the largest fraud in U.S. history — the theft of hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money intended to help those harmed by the coronavirus pandemic — couldn’t resist purchasing luxury automobiles. Also mansions, private jet flights and swanky vacations."
It was approved during the Trump administration and clearly could have been designed better to reduce fraud. But Trump doesn’t care about fraud because he’s too busy with his own fraudulent behavior.
He is? How?

I have not heard much anything here in Europe.
You haven't heard about Christine Anderson's scathing condemnation of Trudeau in the EU parliament? That didn't make the news there?

What about the criticism by several other EU members of parliament? That wasn't mainstream news there either? I'm shocked. (No not really)

If the leadership of a country seizes the property and bank accounts of those who protests against their policies, that is tyranny.

If the leadership of a country seizes the funds of ordinary citizens and freezes the bank accounts of those donate to a cause they don't like, that is tyranny.

If the leader of a country invokes the emergency act, defacto martial law, to deal with a large peaceful protest he is a despot and a criminal.

If the leader of a country and half his cabinet have sworn allegiance to Klaus Schwab and the WEF over that country and its people they are traitors. This is admitted by the way. This is not conspiracy theory.

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