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Christopher O'Brien

Back in the Saddle Aginn
Staff member
By Jason McClellen/rogueplanet.com


It’s no surprise that President Barack Obama gets asked about UFOs and aliens from time to time. But in a recent interview with GQ, it was the President who brought up these topics. [my emphasis]

On Monday, November 17, GQ published an interview with Obama conducted by on-air sports personality Bill Simmons. During the interview, Simmons asks, “Have you ever said, ‘Give me the JFK-assassination files, I want to read them. Give me all the secret stuff’?” The President responds:

“I gotta tell you, it’s a little disappointing. People always ask me about Roswell and the aliens and UFOs, and it turns out the stuff going on that’s top secret isn’t nearly as exciting as you expect. In this day and age, it’s not as top secret as you’d think.”


Unfortunately, there is no follow up or further elaboration on these comments in the GQ interview.

Jimmy Kimmel asked Obama about UFOs and Area 51 back in March of 2015. In that interview, the President made it clear that he is unable to disclose any information about aliens because they “exercise strict control over us.” [my emphasis]

Of course, President Obama was joking. Or was he? Ben Hansen, former FBI special agent and host of Syfy’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files analyzed Obama’s interview with Kimmel and concluded that the President was being truthful when he said, “I can’t reveal anything,” which shouldn’t be surprising. Naturally, the President of the United States is going to have knowledge related to top secret issues, which he cannot divulge to the public.

But, then again, if UFOs aren’t “as top secret as you’d think,” then what’s preventing the President from openly discussing the topic? REST OF ARTICLE HERE:


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
ARTICLE HERE: It’s no surprise that President Barack Obama gets asked about UFOs and aliens from time to time ...
I think it's the case that top level politicians have been given some fuzzy version of what's been going on with UFOs by their campaign people so that they can respond to the public about them, and they really just don't know anything deep because they're involved in too many other things of down-to-Earth importance, and if they start asking the wrong people too many questions, it doesn't seem particularly good for their reputation or health.

Anyway, this is yet another chance for me to say that those of us civilians who already know alien visitation is real don't need Obama or anyone else to confirm it for us. I think we need to refocus our priority. Trying to convince the politicians, or the scientists, or the skeptics or the deniers isn't a total waste of time, but I think that we're allowing those efforts to overshadow something more important: Ourselves. It's almost like despite the fact that we know; we won't allow ourselves to be validated unless the establishment validates it too. We really need to set that attitude aside and figure this out for ourselves.

Your SLV camera project is a shining example of such an effort, but I also think there is untapped support in the witnesses and believers in the community. I often muse about some sort of John Galt type UFO believer coming along and convincing some of the ultra-wealthy to setup some sort of green powered, high-tech, breakaway civilization with it's own satellite systems, observatories, secure landing zones, and all the rest. Working there would of course be my dream-job ... LOL. And it is a dream of course. But I think it would be cool :).


Paranormal Maven
There is a certain level of vindication that comes with government disclosure, but I agree it's not necessary to justify dedicated research to the field. The day will come when we'll have the answers we seek. Do I think we'll be disappointed with exactly what the government knows? I think that's a real possibility; however, it remains to be seen and we'll simply have to keep waiting.


Paranormal Novice
Perhaps Obama was implying that it isn't as top secret as you'd think because... the secret has been already leaked out to some extent. I refer to the likes of comments made by Dr . Robert Sarbacher and Eric Walker two name only two individuals who let the cat out of the bag so to speak. There is a lot of testimony out there from reliable people to support the reality of the phenomenon. The ufo issue is a secret I'm sure, but it's a secret that at the same time is a 'known secret' to informed members of the public who have researched the topic. Also, in my opinion...Obama is not privvy to all the facts...Presidents come and go...maybe some get told more than others. Bush sr probably knew a lot and allegedly...Vice-president Chaney was more informed than Bush Jr. Perhaps Admiral Bob Inman knows more than all three of the white house men I mentioned.

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Paranormal Adept

On April 21, 2011 the National Security Agency posted documents from their Technical Journal which had some interesting articles about extraterrestrials. Some have assumed that these documents were pertaining to messages received from extraterrestrials, an easy mistake to make with article titles such as “Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages.” These documents are actually related to exercises for practicing deciphering coded messages that extraterrestrials may send us in the future. However, there is still a story here, because these exercises were started by a prominent NSA cryptologist who believed more attention needed to be given to the investigation of UFOs and the possibility that we may be contacted soon.

“In the most recent issue of the NSA Technical Journal- Vol. XI, No. 1 Mr.Lambros D. Callimahos discussed certain aspects of extraterrestrial intelligence and included several messages to test the reader’s ingenuity. In the following pages, Dr. H. H. Campaigne offers additional communications from outer space.”
The “messages”, we now know, were the hypothetical extraterrestrial messages. The article then goes on to describe the extraterrestrial message that, in the context of the Callimahos article, we know to be further hypothetical messages to test “the reader’s ingenuity.” Unfortunately, they do not appear to be referring to real messages received by extraterrestrials.

UFO - Ufology - NSA Alien Message

Which more or less highlights a critical aspect. Any "Disclosure" that doesnt involve ET itself can be countermanded by conflicting information

Human disclosure isnt really going to cut the mustard imo