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    Page with "censored files"

    Hello, this is my first thread so i didn't know where to post this thing so... i'm sorry if i have to delete it or move to other forum... Well... i've been wasting time with some friends with onions, p2p and things like that and recently discovered a page in freenet called lost wiki, i don't...
  2. ISS Ufo Watch

    Circular Shaped Ufo Appears And Disappears At The Space Station, And Few More Sightings

  3. ISS Ufo Watch

    Structures Captured On The Moon On Apollo 14 Video

  4. ISS Ufo Watch

    First Sounds From Mars!!!

  5. Mulvaney

    Resisting the Martians

    Suspected Idaho Pastor Shooter Arrested Outside White House, Says He Was Motivated by Secret Alien Race | VICE News Twilight Language: Odom's Hypersexual Martians At The White House Gates It's hard to tell the Martians from the Venusians or the hybrids at the last IUFOC. So perhaps it's...
  6. Christopher O'Brien

    Obama: UFOs 'aren't as top secret as you'd think'

    By Jason McClellen/ ARTICLE HERE: It’s no surprise that President Barack Obama gets asked about UFOs and aliens from time to time. But in a recent interview with GQ, it was the President who brought up these topics. [my emphasis] On Monday, November 17, GQ published an...