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Page with "censored files"


Paranormal Novice
Hello, this is my first thread so i didn't know where to post this thing so... i'm sorry if i have to delete it or move to other forum...
Well... i've been wasting time with some friends with onions, p2p and things like that and recently discovered a page in freenet called lost wiki, i don't know how i ended here after almost 2 hours of downloading pages, if you don't know: freenet downloads the pages to you computer, i understeand that it's like p2p
The point is that lost wiki ensure to have censored files from internet. well, it last almost 30 minutes downloading one fuc...ng page and all that i found was books, music, anime... so i didn't try two times x_x now my question is: did you know lost wiki? does it have censored files?
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USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
I have no idea what you're talking about other than what a quick search for terms reveals. What I can say is that censored files are freely available on the WWW, so the question is, "What censored files in particular are you referring to?"