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Ex Pentagon official Luis Elizondo reveals UFO bombshells | The Basement Office - YouTube

And speaking of the Pentagon UAP Task Force, I've attached a PDF of the unclassified report released on June 25. Basically the report concludes that there are real objects that they cannot explain. The report doesn't deal with ET, and the statements leading up to the report indicate they were not able to prove an extraterrestrial origin but did not dismiss it either.

In short the report concludes they are, so far, clueless about what's going on. This, of course, will not satisfy anyone.


  • Prelimary-Assessment-UAP-20210625.pdf
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Long and short, they will spend the next 90 days developing enhanced methods to investigate the phenomenon. But it seems as if this inconclusive report will likely, as I suspected, disappear from the news cycle in short order. Any update, if lacking much in the way of new data, will receive even less coverage.
Condor strikes back again. Too much a hot potato with all the other crisis going on. Imagine them saying we have Flying Saucers-UFO -UAP from offworld or CREATURES from the deep oceans or dimensional technology. The whole ATTP is funding and aleast its little steps. Most here already know what they saw and don't need the US -D.C. to tell us what they are. They are off world and some are under the ocean. The rest Human military. No mention of cases before and no Roswell ? Is a gem.
Alas, Carlson has a really bad reputation for accurate reporting. So even though he appears to be serious about UFOs, it's hard to consider what he's offering.
I was posting that more because of the statements of the guest there.
As for Carlson and FOX - I'm not a fan of theirs either. But I'm not a fan of the NY Times too. Take a hint: Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. Overall, modern US MSM is not really a beacon of great journalism - I'd much rather listen to what e.g. Chris Hedges or Glenn Greenwald have to say.

But when it comes to UFOs, what can we do? If characters like Carlson report about something non-paranormal like the Fukushima disaster - it doesn't automatically mean that everything they say is bunk. Same with UFOs - we'll have to evaluate their role in the days to come. It really seems that journalists formerly doing politics exclusively are emerging out of the closet with a genuine interest into UFOs - like Saagar Enjeti, formerly of the Hill. So I also can't exclude that Carlson is really interested in this.

And overall I'd much rather have UFOs be a topic everyone is talking about, then have it delegated back into the fringe. It seems to me that if UFOs remain in the mainstream and hopefully that doesn't turn into a shit-show - we might get more good people aboard. Even if shit networks like FOX report about it - more people will get exposed to it and the whole taboo might weaken. I mean, we've seen these guys emerging, makes the whole thing look a lot better than Billy Meier...
If characters like Carlson report about something non-paranormal like the Fukushima disaster - it doesn't automatically mean that everything they say is bunk.
No, but he is also a racist and racist baiter, and he has been shown to have been lying through his teeth over and over again. I realize that this is just show business, and he's just playing a part. What is interesting is that he becomes dead serious when UFOs are involved. But that doesn't mean we should forgive him for all his fake news.
Getting back on topic the UAP stream slowed down and time Hon. Christopher Melon turn up the heat and get those big hiters on the circuit. Also on Majestic 12 -Purple Code - and the Moore-Cooper were just the front and it was to take the heat off those looking into the good stuff. I said 2004 was the cut off point and should concern all. As said two folks behind Moore and Cooper who so concerned over Brazel Roswell Crash and the others .

As stated my friend did the invasion of Imperial Japan Report for IKE whose orders were sent to Sea Lord Mountbatten . So why push MJ12 to send folks on a wild goose chase and still agree with Stan gems were placed in there and he said if you listen to his lectures and read his books only a very small pages . Gen. Ramey Memo had two parts and CIA matching. Also US Maj Keyhole USMC was spot on and tip of the iceberg during 1947-1958. Furthermore, Maj. Donald Keyhole states "True accepts the official denial of any secret device,"

I stated , "because the weight of the evidence , especially worldwide , does not support such a belief.135." ,THE 'FLYING SAUCERS ARE REAL '(1949 TELEGRAM) -At the same following decade in 1955 Chief Contact Division received 'Unidentified Electronic Transmission of unknown origin and-"Fast Tracks " another name for flying saucers !

Another is why did the Scientific Branch of ORE and the Nuclear Energy Group breakaway in Jan 1947 ? Which was finalised in March 1948 during the flying saucers waves around the world it ask to split from 'the Manhattan Engineer Project JRDB & CIG 'and reform into another department that this week show is must as guest mentions one and another split with another not listed in official document on the Roswell Crashes and brings me back to USS Nimitz and other sightings today.

Those who choose the cut off date should read the CIA de-classified "Fast-Track" ADC the objects tracked on "radar stations at speeds of "700 ,to 2500 knots " in 1952.
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So with the tic tac video being classed as unknown origin by the pentagon who would be in the equivalent of MJ12 now and are there any scientists purporting to have been approached since the June 1st report that trump instigated, has been published? Or did hiring Bigalo with his NIDS mean they outsourced the concept of a think tank. The report was very disappointing and the lack of follow up for the other 140 encounters used for the report. It has been a while now - has any one heard anything on getting information on these cases?
Indeed , it was M.J. 13- Refer to Mr Lazar story and do some independent research. Well Done , Mr John Greenewald Jr. and Hon. Chris Mellon -keep going! All the save the planet stories of the 1950''s just horseshit and look at Ukraine currently is a clear example . The infighting in the Flying Saucers -real name -flying objects - community is shocking especially when folks hacking into Xbox seeking data on UFOs Dum fucks. Don't always agree with Mr Greer but think he is on to something with the UAP brigade and their back channel links are very active.
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