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Ex Pentagon official Luis Elizondo reveals UFO bombshells | The Basement Office - YouTube


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Like Bob Lazar about 'Dark Projects' and the "Mission Control" hand reader in 'Close Encounter of the Third Kind' (1977). Roswell -4.


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I liked Fran’s take in the video above, particularly her take on occam’s razor.

Sam Harris had some interesting comments in Lex Fridman’s May 20 podcast. It sounds like some people in the media are being quietly contacted to prep them for what’s coming in the UAP report. (Lex Fridman is an AI scientist at MIT who occasionally discusses his curiosity about UFOs.)

Harris’s comments are at 2:38:10 - 2:41:55.



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It'll be useful in convincing the nations of the world to come together. I guess.

I think it'll involve a lot of computer graphics (cg/cgi), like this guy says:

Sorry if he goes into unwelcome politics; I don't mean to cause controversy. I use a lot of shows (including The Paracast) as sleep aids. It helps me sleep to listen to radio shows, especially about the paranormal and stuff. I don't know why. Maybe I can go to sleep to this Lex Fridman one too.


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I just don't see how aliens are real. They would have revealed themselves by now. I know they would have lost their patience. Or they would have left. Since humans stink. They would have gone home by now.

I hope they look like the ones in Mars Attacks. But instead they'll probably be boring grey drones with no personality. They won't even like techno music. They'll just stand around and stare at you and try to control your mind so you can be subdued and have some kind of chip put into you or your sperm and eggs taken from you or something like that. Intergalactic space rapists. They all should be shot on sight, as far as I'm concerned. That's what the 2nd amendment is for.

I'm a flat earther anyway, so what do I care? They probably come from beyond the Antarctic ice ring, where it might be cordoned off to keep the whole matter secret.

Kate Upton's been there. Near there. I'm sure she wasn't let in. All she did was a photoshoot. I wish I had a girlfriend. It's probably not that cold there in the antarctic. Metallica played there once. Oh yeah they called it Freeze Em All. :) I remember that Kill Em All poster on my brother's wall as a kid. He never believe in aliens. I did though. I don't know why. I guess that Time-Life book I had on UFOs or watching Unsolved Mysteries, except there never were that many segments on that show about aliens or abductions...

Well, if I was ever abducted in the past, I wish they'd return. I get so bored of this place. I really do. And they can do anything with me, as long as it doesn't hurt. I know what Whitley Strieber says, that sometimes they cause a lot of pain, so I don't want anything like that. And hey, maybe I even have a hybrid child up there somewhere, waiting to greet me and we can play video games together or something nice.
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J. Randall Murphy
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I don't mean to cause controversy. I use a lot of shows (including The Paracast) as sleep aids. It helps me sleep to listen to radio shows, especially about the paranormal and stuff. I don't know why. Maybe I can go to sleep to this Lex Fridman one too.
I think that's totally cool. I actually do the same thing. To me it's actually an honor to be a part of people's lives in this way. Thanks for sharing 🛸


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In other words, you and I are meant to put people to sleep.
I listened to your show for many years, donated even when I thought you were scamming people, bought a t-shirt and also gave you the idea of calling it "paracast+"

But yes I find paranormal radio shows kind of boring, it's just not where i am in life right now -


Gene Steinberg

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Nothing to apologize for. In fact, as some of the people who wondered about me learned, the people who were stalking me and hacking me were the real scammers. It's not uncommon for people of low moral character to blame others for their own failings, as they've done for years.


World wide sightings over decades and Mr Lazar was telling the truth on capabilities and scrubbing emails nothing new -files -the report not the main thing.