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Ex Pentagon official Luis Elizondo reveals UFO bombshells | The Basement Office - YouTube

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George Knapp on Vegas local news with some new radar video. (Btw, wish they would stop showing that greenish night vision video which is most likely a lens effect showing a plane and stars.)

Indeed Gene, open mind and more intrested in the new military Men and Women coming forward not the gatekeepers who had the chance to stop the UFO cover-up. . Abovetop secret dont leave the archives and Tim Goods was a leader in the field as Stan. Like many on this excellent forum have told of encounters with unkown and during our car encounter (two eyewitness) passed on the event to a buddy of mine in service who did a check and they did a search of the area . They swept the area and reported . Also sat data was picked at the time as they keep records. He briefed me at a meeting and told me not human technology that interfered with our car . He said they reported UFO near the area prior to our event. I recived a phone call not long after not talk about it in a direct threat . My buddy was read the riot act (from another area) and the coverup needed to be controlled was the direct message . During another discussion as told before a well known scientists, foreigner individuals showed up and the data discussed about the on ongoing activity with high level staff- I argued the truth should come out about the Flying Saucers -UFO and UAPs Coverup with a number of individuals who argued it not right to withold from the public .They were picking up constant traffic. A number of former fighter pilots discussed contacts with unkowns and briefed in a different area ( they saw them often). Sonar operator who was horrified that the reports were taken (warned off) and it made him shanken at the capabilities of the USOs and data was put in the Archive. Dr.Michio Kaku needs to tell the people and not hold back. Yes A.I and Drones are common but not at the speed and capability these Flying-Saucers, UFOs -UAPs -Move .
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Here is why I think Lazar could be full of shit. Why should an element with an atomic weight of 115 somehow possess anti gravitational properties? It is just an element with more protons and neutrons. It doesn’t make any damned sense that as depicted in his alleged cloud chamber footage the element would somehow warp space time. He is a very polished con artist, but that part is pretty dumb, and anyone who believes it could have a gullibility problem.
Here is why I think Lazar could be full of shit. Why should an element with an atomic weight of 115 somehow possess anti gravitational properties? It is just an element with more protons and neutrons. It doesn’t make any damned sense that as depicted in his alleged cloud chamber footage the element would somehow warp space time. He is a very polished con artist, but that part is pretty dumb, and anyone who believes it could have a gullibility problem.
I guess it is possible that Lazar just had some hair-brained theory that the engine used 115 to warp space time, and he was wrong.

Maybe it was just his theory, but he seemed to put it forward as fact, as if the stuff somehow functions as di-lithium crystals in Star Trek.
It is just an element with more protons and neutrons is what I am saying. Nothing special. It’s not like a heavier atom could somehow warp space time. To do that it would need to be very effin’ dense, like Thor’s hammer out of a neutron star. So dense that a thimble of 115 would weigh as much as a hundred mount Everests. So dumb.
It appears that the report, based on a preview from The New York Times, is that:
  1. We can't prove they are spaceships.
  2. They aren't ours.
  3. We can't figure out what they are.

Looks like it's gonna be another stonewall disguised as a whitewash wrapped in a cover-up. If that happens I'm going full-on Dark Skies Alien Conspiracy.
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Which just shows that the headline is misleading. The Washington Post had a more accurate one.
Do you really think there have only been 129 incidents in the past 20 years? Obviously this "task force" is being kept out of the loop. And let me guess. Some skeptic will whittle these down to maybe a half dozen, and then claim they could be explained too if we just had more data.
In short, the report is done in such a way not to make waves. They don't admit, they don't deny. They just can't figure it out, and this story will probably die a slow death over the next few months if nothing terribly illuminating comes forth.
The latest comments by NASA and ignoring the New York Times paper for the meantime . The folks behind the 'Coverup' would never reveal all the Archives in full is a 'Bridge To Far' and might reveal its core secrets as Stan stated in MJ-12 investigation. NASA already dropping great hints with Venus and other discoveries announcement's on the way. Also not leaving out Dr. Farrell excellent work and imagine if was a crash between two defense contractors with other objects at Roswell as Stan mention many times in his books and interviews. The ongoing attractions to Civil and Military Nuclear facilities over the decades. Them fact it scars them and any unauthorized entry in a restricted airspace is a threat. Red flag over weapons training facilities as well- eyewitness not second or third person data. In these modern times they unknowns (as in the past PBB) are coming and going at will -from small to massive craft is a threat . When even top brass are warned off (eyewitness) it should remind all of us who really running the show. Mr Lazar is in the greyzone and in the end his file is there more than others . Also speaking to a individual who told me they had already cross-comms with the unkowns and did not understand the blockade of information . Stated why yhey had ex-servicemen in the press corps back in the 1950s why would today be any different. In the end money and power rule over and over especially when they make all the Worlds military look small. Those hoping for big tech to reveal will be sadly mistaken it will hit their bottom pocket. They or it will decide. Lue & Christopher are doing a great work in bring it out -to the mainstream but remembering hundreds others have been doing this for decades ending up in a roadblock. Hold on to your hats. Also Stan was spot on and his great gem left in MJ-12 and the encounter in Washington (yes) not in the book. The Roswell Memo had a gem inside which those who worked in the T4 ( the Roswell Memo 1947 thats on this great forum ) would understand. Dr. Randle great works have also given this crazy field a grounding like Major Keyhole. The Major Marcel diary does have a clue and know where to look. Although it not the whole picture and you need all the documents . Also having acess to the keys.
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So it's looking like ChuckleberryFinn was right, then, when he said the official stance would shift from official denial to official ambivalence, and that would be it.

But more on Bob Lazar, at roughly 1:22:45 in Jeremy Corbell's documentary about Bob Lazar on Netflix, we see the alleged "cloud chamber" footage, in which a beam of light is shot at what we are led to believe is a piece of element 115. We are told that the footage shows "light bending" as it passes by the element, because as Lazar alleges around this time, perhaps before or perhaps after that timestamp quoted above, "element 115 produces its own gravitational field."

This is pure bilge. An atom with a higher atomic weight would not somehow magically bend light. If its gravity were enough to bend light, what about the table that the piece of 115 was sitting on, or the clouds passing around it in the cloud chamber? Wouldn't they all fall crashing into it? Wouldn't they be gravitationally attracted or repulsed by the piece of metal? Wouldn't the matter around it be impacted?

The answer is no, they wouldn't and they don't, because this is a con job. An atom with more protons in its nucleus has a higher mass, but the assertion that it would produce its own gravitational field or that in a cloud chamber light could be seen to bend around it -- all of that exposes this whole Bob Lazar story as a con job. He is a con artist. This footage is like a magic trick that he is using to dupe gullible people, but it is the weakest part of his con. Other than this allegation, he's put together a good con that has convinced a lot of people, but the whole thing can and should be put to rest on this one little piece. It is pure and utter horseshit. All of the other parts of the story that are used to convince people he is telling the truth are just impressive pieces of con artistry. He really is a very talented liar.

It is fun to make shit up and convince gullible people. Some people do this sort of thing and for some odd reason gain satisfaction within themselves for convincing others that a falsehood is true. Once in a meeting at work I convinced all of my coworkers that an industrial food company had invented something called "H.D. Cheese,'" or high density cheese, which was so dense that a sugar cube sized piece of HD cheese contained enough calories to feed a single person for an entire day, roughly 2,000 calories, and that it would end starvation in third world countries. I had this fun little con going for about an hour before one of them got angry because he had been researching it for twenty minutes online and could not find any evidence it was real. Others will think it is fucked up that someone would gain satisfaction for duping other people like that, and I agree that it is, and it's not something I do anymore, and haven't in a long time, but I used to make shit like that up just for fun. Maybe this is a likely explanation for Lazar's allegations.
It's sad that Lazar's claims are still being taken serious by so many. Here's an article that looks at both sides. Physicist Dr Eric Davis is certainly no UFO debunker, but clearly sees Lazar as a fraud. Among other comments Davis looks at the totally ludicrous claim Lazar made to George Knapp that he had a particle accelerator in his house, along with a container of element 115. (Particle accelerators require an area of land miles wide) The article also contains comments by Stanton Friedman on Lazar's bogus claims of having MS degrees from Caltech and MIT.

Also, it should be noted that Lazar is a convicted felon. Convicted in 1990 for felony pandering for his involvement and work with a prostitute. I guess Lazar's work as a physicist at Area 51 left him enough time to do a little work with a prostitute on the side.

Eric Davis: “Lazar Made Up His Entire Cockamamie Story” » Joe Murgia
I am disappointed in Knapp. He has creds, but he allows this nonsense to be presented without being the proper investigative reporter.
Knapp still doing some very good research and his work on the Russian interviews were a gem. Also his Roswell ieyewitness nterviews which no doubt he put up . Looking forward to listening to latest interview and the 'Unknowns'-Flying Saucers-UFOs . Also Crate No 51SF4 -Army Request Shippment Qaurtermaster IN49 . Flight requested President -Requst Open Airfields 'Creatures' removed and Disc Secure Flight No......... The best book with references on Roswell is 'Roswell The Ultimate Cold Case -Closedby scholars T.J. Carey and D.R Schmitt (2020) . Quote "As for Marcel never made it to Wright Field....104." Only those who been in restricted areas would know and "Diggers" to transport the Disc was 18 wheeler ones use in 1945. Moreover, Dr. Randle would know the development of the early Helicopters and flights which the "Creatures" were removed and sent on three flights. All four impacts resulted in panic in the halls of the Pentagon . Inside lead slides were placed in crates and US Army (logistical) Army Quartermasters -Provist were to place Tarps on Crates Section .....Col Corso element in this historical true story was he was at themeeting with IKE. OSS oversaw the whole operation (CIA) Dr.Menzel was in charge.

Bentwaters -Refer to Scotland and the meetings Three ' not a experiment Impact -contacts recorded -UAPs nothing new Flying Saucers -UFO still making contacts. Evacuation on three occasions.
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