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Ex Pentagon official Luis Elizondo reveals UFO bombshells | The Basement Office - YouTube

Only the New Yorker can do a story like this:

Is this a preview of the article or is it supposed to be the whole article? Because it's only like two paragraphs.

Are there really "levels of top secret"? As soon as it says "38 levels above" I find it ridiculous. It's just too geeky for me. it sounds like a role-playing video game or Freemasonry.

Maybe I need an account to read the full article.
And now an Inspector General for the Pentagon is looking into the military's handling of the UFO mystery. Now this is getting damned interesting. We'll want to talk to Kevin D. Randle about this next time he's on (hint! hint!):

And now an Inspector General for the Pentagon is looking into the military's handling of the UFO mystery. Now this is getting damned interesting. We'll want to talk to Kevin D. Randle about this next time he's on (hint! hint!):

Interesting indeed, and for sure Gene Mr Randle would be great to listen to about this .. hint hint :)
Dr.Randle own podcast was very good this week and should be a keeper on Paracast Show. Just found a individual whose been missed on the Roswell Case chasing down info. The latest interview with Christopher Melon on Terry Virt's 'Down To Earth' excellent interview on Youtube. Catch up on Paracast Shows ? Also two more investigating and 'Clear Intent' and Moore didn't do the MJ-12 -*Stan was spot on about the few which came from Langley -Files they were cut and paste -Dr. Randle correct on Cooper who was feed the information -cutout -Dawson -Wilson Doc credible -...........the other two . Agree with Dr. Randle on U.S. Major Keyhole and much more detail has been overlooked regarding his excellent work regarding Roswell which he put a report in and their were 10 'victims at the crash site not bullshit dummies and not' Imperial Japanese Prisoners of War' -complete crap. Like Nick's work but he been feed chaff. The two eyewitness stated four impact zones. One worked in D.C. and other Overseas. Regarding Dr. Randle excellent interview on the Paracast Show the best out there other better places to store the impacts material.

Keep Watching The Skies.
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I don't really follow the story of UFOs much any more. Was Elizondo really the director of ATIP? If yes, why is he on podcasts like "That UFO Podcast" and not something more substantial?
In the history of UFOs over the last 60 years these kinds of buildups are always followed by huge disappointments. I bet that this June 1st report, which some in congress will see and we will not, wont change anything.
They are sure building this up:

Of course, any reference to former DNI Ratcliffe as someone to respect is wrong. He was nothing but a partisan hack who, while in office, lied about what intelligence showed on foreign interference in the 2020 election (no it wasn't China).
The "60 Minutes" segment was dead serious:

And this:

I also heard an interview on CNN featuring former DNI James Clapper speaking positively about the subject.

I hope they aren't setting us up to a huge letdown.

Luis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon were also big parts of the story, along with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). As I said, they were all dead serious in insisting it needs to be investigated, but they carefully avoided blaming it on ET.
The way Clapper was talking, it seems like he's seen drafts of the report, and he says it will be filled with ambiguity. So we've gone from denial to ambiguity, and I'll bet the people in this forum that this will be the extent of the changes in the official narrative.

The evidence is compartmentalized and thus the secret can probably survive this kind of an inquiry; the people in the intelligence community compiling the congressional report may not know much of the real evidence.

Last, we will not see the congressional report, so we will have a watered down version of an already whitewashed report.

The cynicism comes from working in the corporate world the last 10 years, where the secrets stay secret because the people in power want to keep it that way.