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COVID-19 News


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
I do not know the ins and outs of the political situation in Calgary, but whatever is being done is being done incorrectly ...
A lot of people here in Calgary would agree with that statement, not all of them on the same page. One thing you are completely right about, is that I am as tired of the conversation as many others. Part of me would love to just forget any of it and pretend I can live a normal life. Thankfully for my situation, I can do that better than most non-retired people.

But then something will remind me of all those who can't just shelter at home, and it affects me. I wish it didn't. But then I think, what kind of people are those who aren't affected? It's rough on those of us who think this way because we want to make some kind of difference, but we've all been marginalized by gears turning on a far more massive scale. It seems we're nothing against them.