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COVID-19 News

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J. Randall Murphy
There are other threads on the forum dealing with COVID-19 from other perspectives. including
Rather than feeding any particular conspiracy or fringe theory, this thread is for news articles and videos that appear to be more objective and informative or entertaining, but not necessarily mainstream. To that end, I'm sifting through articles and will provide links here on a daily basis. Feel free to add your own. I'll start with the following:

COVID-19 - Today's Articles Worth Reading:

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What Bill Gates Had To Say In 2015

How Bill Gates Responded In March 2020

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Quick Look Back To The First Case of
COVID-19 in The USA that was of Unknown Origin

1 person was reported in California on YouTube Feb 27, 2020 ( above )
Only a month later it looked like this ...

COVID-19- Mar30-01a.jpg
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The Canadian government has mobilized 24,000 members of the Canadian Armed Forces - nearly one-quarter of all regular and reserve members - to help provincial and municipal authorities who may need support during the novel coronavirus pandemic with everything from delivering supplies to assisting civilian authorities enforce quarantine orders. [ SOURCE ]

Canadian Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan outlined for reporters on
Monday the role the Canadian Forces would play as part of the
federal response plan to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Enforcing quarantine orders? Assisting with "wellness checks" ?
No Need To Worry - Right?
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"In an alarming number of countries, the surge of coronavirus-related misinformation has been used as a pretext to crack down on information-sharing more broadly."
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"From Beijing to Washington, governments have been muzzling scientists, inflating the success of their containment efforts, and discrediting valid reporting. Citizens have to fight back."
“You said that you don’t take responsibility, but you did disband the White House pandemic office, and the officials that were working in that office left this administration abruptly. So what responsibility do you take to that?” Alcindor asked.
In the wake of David Icke's interview on COVID-19 and other conspiracy theories, I've been making an effort to separate the signal from the noise by analyzing key factors of the pandemic from as objective a perspective as possible. So far, I’m satisfied that the numbers we’ve been seeing that are called “confirmed cases” are enough to estimate the seriousness of the situation, and it looks very serious. No conspiracy is required to make it even worse. The disease is spreading extremely rapidly. Physical distancing, quarantines, and a healthy immune system are presently the only defenses against the pandemic available to the general population.

If the trend continues, over in the next 6 to 8 weeks most of the population of North America will have contracted COVID-19 and be on the mend. Assuming we’re among the survivors, as a vaccine becomes available, don’t be surprised to see vaccinations become a requirement rather than an option, especially for essential services workers. I won’t get into the rights issues surrounding that here.

The bottom line is that right now things have the potential to get very intense really fast, and there are a number of worst case scenarios that I really hope don’t occur. In some places besides China, the rise in cases is beginning to flatten out, which is encouraging, but the trend remains alarming.
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  • "A surge is coming": Physical distancing critical as Ontario sees 426 new COVID-19 cases, 4 more deaths
    Ontario and its municipalities stepped up legal measures Wednesday to stop the spread of COVID-19, while expanding hospital capacity and increasing medical supply production, as Premier Doug Ford warned of a coming surge. Ford said thousands of lives are at stake. Pressed by reporters, Ford declined to provide a specific date about when that surge could happen and defended the decision not to release a forecast of the potential number of novel coronavirus cases that the province could see, saying the models vary widely.
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Militarily Enhanced Counter-Narcotics Operations in the USA under the umbrella of the war on COVID-19 is now underway. "We are at War with the drug cartels as well." Thousands of coast guard, navy and support personnel and vessels are involved in the operation. "I've seen things nobody would believe." - Trump ( April 01 2020 )

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Kentucky puts ankle monitors on coronavirus patients who break quarantine

Kentucky judges have started imposing a form of house arrest on stubborn coronavirus patients who break their self-isolation orders, in an effort to stop them from spreading the disease known as COVID-19.

Circuit judges have ordered two coronavirus patients and one patient’s relative to wear ankle monitors in Louisville, Ky., after they broke quarantine orders, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports.

The first order was handed down after a patient broke self-quarantine to go shopping on March 21, according to court documents obtained by station WTVO.

Public health officials can ask for a person to be isolated for coronavirus under state law, and it’s up to a circuit judge to approve or deny the order. Affected individuals are not charged with a crime. { SOURCE }

We are moving into a period of bewilderment, a curious moment in which people find light in the midst of despair, and vertigo at the summit of their hopes. It is a religious moment also, and here is the danger. People will want to obey the voice of Authority, and many strange constructs of just what Authority is will arise in every mind. … The public yearning for Order will invite many stubborn uncompromising persons to impose it. The sadness of the zoo will fall upon society.

—Leonard Cohen, “Moving Into a Period,” from “Book of Longing”

Go read Leonard Cohen’s “Moving Into a Period” in his Book of Longing. Cohen foresaw how our present pandemic bewilderment would beget authoritarianism and captivity, amid best epidemiological efforts. Our elected authorities could do worse than to dwell on some artful prophecy, rather than increasingly dwelling on subjective constructs of correct conduct; rather than breathing in too much fear, and exhaling a peculiar version of order.

As Cohen wrote, amid chaos “the public yearning for Order will invite many stubborn uncompromising persons to impose it. The sadness of the zoo will fall upon society.” The thirst for control and order begets more rules, more breakable rules, more rule breakers, and still more rules to punish the growing rule breakers, at which point this isn’t about COVID. It’s Rudy Giuliani BS about broken windows and bad guys, when it’s supposed to be about preventing and treating an illness.

Meanwhile, it’s difficult to distinguish between the finger-wagging sneers and democratically accountable legal orders that can be reviewed by the judiciary to ensure constitutional compliance. The breath-taking restrictions on our Canadian freedoms are piling up. Among them, we see our authorities begin to drift from the solid ground of public health justifications, towards a panicky model of suppression. Police stopping people and vehicles for no good reason; those living on or near the streets regularly harassed, carding is back in Ontario; official snitch lines are set up to enable rage; prosecutors stubbornly fighting epidemiological facts in the name of speculative risk to public order, filling prisons in need of evacuation; refugees subjected to conditions worse than a kennel; and the state clomping into the dining rooms of the nation to break up a Passover sedar.

We know from China how it goes. We know the price paid to get there. Suppression over liberty, without any accountability. A rushed, sketchy amputation of human dignity, but most patients survive. We’ve taken longer but we’re going there fast. When that curve starts bending back, will our authorities be held to account for over-reaching? I wouldn’t say that anyone celebrates the 1970 October Crisis as a triumph of anything but overreach, panic and bravado. So the federal War Measures Act was all but gutted, only to spread like a virus to provincial legislation across Canada. Ah, federalism.

What’s needed today is an adjustment by those in authority, to bring about greater emphasis on each new restriction meeting the constitutional tests of public health necessity and rights proportionality; based on solid evidence, not anecdotal and social media reportage, nor police intelligence alone. At no point should any government response to COVID be about anything but epidemiology. Not obedience to the elected (c’mon people!) and public order, lest the means becomes the end.

And pull back the curtains. Our authorities can better share their work behind closed doors, illuminating the scientific necessity of each new restriction; expressly laying out the balanced means to achieving the public health ends. They could occasionally stand with public health professionals and those charged with safeguarding our rights, like Chief Privacy Officers and the like.

Governments need to appreciate that most enforcement authorities are hammers, for which everything is a nail. So the rule-makers must better support the use of police and by-law officers primarily to educate and warn. Charging should only be a last resort measure, as the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police recently stated. If carding, at least keep all that info in a public health lockbox, away from criminal investigations, and destroyed thereafter.

I learned from a decade elected that the nature of power is also like a virus. Public trust is earned, not once and for all, but continually through action, not promises. I don’t trust authorities because that’s my job but also because it’s their job to operate within the rule of law. Because the elected are not deities but lucky people with jobs today, in a democracy governed by a constitution. Today, doing their democratic job does indeed involve shrinking freedom, with the awesome power of the law. But why, when and how that’s done matters.

Michael Bryant
Executive Director, CCLA

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Aircraft carrier captain removed from duty after pleading for help with coronavirus outbreak aboard ship

“Today at my direction the commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, Capt. Brett Crozier was relieved of command,” acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly announced Thursday at a Pentagon briefing.

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