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Charles Hall and Tall White Lies(?)


Skilled Investigator
So I may get rapped in the mouth for this....but has anyone ever been able to verify Dr.(?) Charles Hall was ever in the U.S. Airforce or any part of the U.S. Military. Maybe it's just me but the guy just sounds "hoakie".

P.S.-Is this the guy, I think Don Ecker, asked to produce his DD214 and never heard from the guy again????
I looked for his name on Military.com but that site doesn't give you much. I also tried to find his DOB and where he was from.....but strange that I could not find it anywhere.......anyone out there know anything about this chap?!?!?!
I saw a program with this fellow, some cable channel. The way he was interviewed, with all the details, convinced me that HE believes what he claims. One of his claims, was that he saved an alien child from getting tangled in some brush/bush. That the delicate creature would have perished- It was then that he was "accepted" by these beings, and tolerated.
One detail that blew my mind- He also claims that these beings enjoyed visiting Vegas and gambling in the Casino's. The program even showed a couple tall Whites in disguise playing black jack. Oh boy.
I'm definitely on the side of thinking this total B.S. If I remember correctly, Hall was a meteorologist? I don't see why he would even have been allowed near where they 'live' if they exist and if they do, he would be a prime candidate for 'shutting up permanently' surely?
And of course Hall doesn't/cannot provide any actual evidence. For a start, if he had such unfettered long-standing access surely he could have taken a couple of phots, on the sly if need be?
I saw him give a talk here in sydney fairly recently, he broke my BS meter.

For example he claims the tall whites are from a planet with more gravity than earth, but in earth gravity they fall over easily and break their bones

The logic says bioforms that evolve on high gravity worlds would be shorter not taller than us, and with a bone and muscle structure that would make them stronger not weaker in a lighter gravity environment.
When asked about this he waffled on about unrelated stuff, and ended the question with "being taller helps you see over stuff so its a survival mechanism"
Good copy on that guys, thanks for the replies.......glad I didn't get chastised on here for doubting this bloke....you know how some zealots will believe anything anyone says cause they got a spot or two on TV. Guess it goes along with the old saying "If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is."
Hall also claimed that other weather observers were so spooked by the aliens on the range that they would not go out to their posts to report the weather. Instead, they would sit in the mess hall and make the weather up. There is simply no way that could happen. When I heard that I doubted whether he was ever in the military to begin with, much less working at a top secret base in the desert.

Now, this just begs the question, "Why do people go public with these types of stories?"
To make a little extra cash in book sales and speaking engagements? How much could that really be?
Is he part of the alien myth-maker corps?
Does he actually believe this happened to him? If yes, then a few more questions arise. Was this "done to him" in some way and by whom?
I believe the name of the program was "Alien Encounters" MAYBE from the so called "Science Channel"
I have no access to U-Tube from here, it's a little tough to confirm, but I do believe that was the name of the show.
Let me be clear, this is not "footage" -but a re-enactment to one of Hall's claims. (dramatization)
I can't seem to find it. IMDB only listing for Hall is a film called Fastwalkers where he relates the same basic story.
I'll take another search tonight from home. It was a rather recent program on what could be "Destination America" or "Science Channel" He is interviewed and the program takes it a step further and recreates what he is relating. The one reason I am certain, is the dramatization of these tall whites in wigs and sunglasses sitting in a Casino. He was rather convincing, up until that silly detail.
Got this in my feed. I'm still on UPARS LA (formerly MUFON LA) e-mail list. Before I read what is here (thank you - great comments), there were two aspects to the story that for me were red flags: that he went pubic with his story 40 years after it occurred. Always a red flag for a hoax imo. No one left around to contradict. The second aspect that makes it dicey, and it's a big one: it just does't make sense. Riddled with problems. The story about the gravity is priceless.

Talking about meeting Tall White aliens in Studio City CA -
March 16, 2015
LINK: Talking about meeting Tall White aliens in Studio City - Los Angeles Community activism | Examiner.com
as is the part where the giant whites liked to watch him shower and how after being greviously wounded in the neck he prevented himself from bleeding out by pressing his wound into the earth.

photos or it didn't happen charles.

Did you go see him speak at UPARS last night?