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  1. Randall

    Random Thoughts

    This thread is for those random thoughts you may have from time to time. Let's keep it at least PG, and we'll all be okay. Because I decided to post this thread, I'll go first, that is unless somebody else does, which reminds me that being first before somebody else is a huge influence in our...
  2. Randall

    Welcome Back Jeff Belanger

    Jeff Belanger is an author, adventurer, and one of the most visible paranormal researchers today. He’s the Emmy-nominated host, writer, and producer of the New England Legends series which debuted on PBS in October of 2013, and the weekly New England Legends Podcast. Since 1997, the journalist...
  3. Christopher O'Brien

    Col. John Alexander Ph.D Returns to The Paracast!

    Dr. John B. Alexander (who has been featured on The Paracast in five prior shows) is the author of several important books. These books include: The Warrior's Edge: (1990) which looks at research on the capabilities of the mind done by the military and applies it to both the military and...
  4. Christopher O'Brien

    Cynthia Hart-Button will be this week's guest

    Cynthia Hart-Button has been a spiritual, business, and personal consultant for over 40 years. She is founder and president of the Sacred World Peace Church & Alliance, and the White Bison Association. Cynthia and her husband Charles are the caretakers of the herd of white bison in Ukiah, CA...
  5. Christopher O'Brien

    Jeffrey Mishlove Ph.D will be our guest on The Paracast!

    We are pleased to announce that Jeffrey Mishlove Ph.D will be our guest for next weeks show. Mishlove is the author of many books and is considered one of the world's leading experts on the subject of human consciousness. Best known for his encyclopedic volume titled: The Roots of...
  6. JeanLucPicard


    Click here to support My Fight to Survive! by Gene Steinberg I'm sitting here in my room with my pc and I found THIS (click it) on Facebook, I see that in 3 months 15 people helped, adn I think I wish I could help too, but sadly I really can't, and Im thinking that probably A LOT of The...