1. O

    Kevin Randle's post "The Decline of Roswell"

    Kevin Randle's second recent post on "The Decline of Roswell." "The real problem and the one that has been basically ignored by the various commentators here and in other arenas is McCoy’s letter to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force on November 3, 1948. It was a long letter discussing flying...
  2. Paul Kimball

    Stan Friedman Retires

    The Other Side of Truth: Stan Friedman Retires Stan Friedman is retiring. Stan is the person who most shaped the course of modern ufology over the past fifty years, for both good and ill. While I didn't always agree with him (or even often agree with him), Stan remains one of my favourite...
  3. Angel of Ioren

    Mac Magruder and the Alien

    In doing some research for an upcoming episode of my podcast, I came across this article from UFO Magazine. I had never heard of this pilot before, unless it's something I had forgotten. It's a really interesting story about how on his deathbed, he told his kids about the alien that was being...
  4. Gene Steinberg

    Ask Peter Robbins!

    On the evening of July 19th, from 5 to 7 PM Pacific time, we'll be spending time with investigative writer and researcher Peter Robbins. Now before I go on, one thing he will not talk about his recent falling out with Larry Warren, coauthor of "Left at East Gate." But he has written a long...
  5. Thomas R Morrison

    The New MJ-12 Documents on Roswell and Other UFO Cases

    So Heather Wade received some new MJ-12 documents from a source she says that she trusts, and Stanton Friedman and Richard Dolan among others are currently reviewing them. If anyone here has experience with old military documents I’d love to hear what you think about these. I have no idea if...
  6. Christopher O'Brien

    You wanna talk UFO conspiracy?

    You wanna talk UFO conspiracy? I gotcha UFO conspiracy right here. Where? Well, where else? ROSWELL, of course... Article HERE: "In a caper that could only happen in Roswell, police say a flying saucer has been stolen from a UFO museum. “'Be on the lookout: missing spaceship,' the Roswell...