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Gene Steinberg

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On the evening of July 19th, from 5 to 7 PM Pacific time, we'll be spending time with investigative writer and researcher Peter Robbins.

Now before I go on, one thing he will not talk about his recent falling out with Larry Warren, coauthor of "Left at East Gate."

But he has written a long article explaining the background of that episode (posted with this message), which I suggest you read. That represents all he has to say on the matter.

We’ll be discussing an assortment of subjects including his investigation into the origins of the UFO ridicule factor, recent work related visits to Athens Greece and Roswell NM, the current state of UFO research, where we go from here, etc.

Here's his Facebook page:

Peter Robbins

And here's that statement:


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Gene, if you feel it would be of any interest to the listeners, I know I'd like Peter to spend a few segments discussing Wilhelm Reich being the father of free love/the sexual revolution, discoverer of "Orgone energy," Reich's claims of being attacked by UFOs at his house in Maine in the early 1950s and if he feels Reich was unfairly imprisoned by the US government. Also, is it worth revisiting Peter's feelings about Nick Pope now that he's changed his views about Larry Warren and terminated their friendship?


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Rendlesham, as I said, is off the table.

I asked about whether his attitude towards Nick Pope changed as a result of recent developments. You’re not asking him to rehash Rendelsham or his fallout with Warren. His fallout and beef with Pope was pretty high profile and he hasn’t addressed it specifically since his parting of ways with Warren. Regardless of the pre-conditions you apparently agreed to prior to the interview, it’s an unaddressed and valid question to ask. If you don’t want to ask it, that’s your prerogative but I’d love to see the same tenacity and take-no-excuses attitude that was exhibited during last week’s episode with Ron James.

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Not sure if this has aired yet, but I would be curious to know the following.

In a recent statement, Peter Robbins stated that he was deceived by Larry Warren, and didn't do his due diligence when examining some of his claims and paperwork. However, Robbins then seemed to double down on Warren, in an almost defiant way. Despite knowing of Warren's blatant lies, fabrications, embellishments, and dishonesty, what is Robbin's bottom line? It seems like Robbins wants to acknowledge that Warren has lied, and has fabricated evidence, but was probably involved in the incident. How can one hold such a position in light of what we now know about Warren and his harsh relationship with the truth. Don't be cryptic Peter, in your honest opinion, did Larry Warren see a structured craft in the forest, along with beings, or is he just regurgitating and later embellishing second hand information he probably heard on base, but never experienced himself.

--Edit: I just saw that Rendelsham is off the table. What a joke, that is like having Bob Lazar on, but saying Area 51 and UFOs is off-limits. Why even bother having him on if he can't take tough questions. In defense of journalistic integrity, if either host had a pair, they would ask the question posted above, even if Robbins is uncomfortable with it....

Just two years ago Robbins wrote like a 900 page online "book" in defense of Warren while attacking everyone else, this should be fair game to discuss, or he should just leave the field alone and go back to painting. If he can't stand by, or even discuss his work, his research, and his co-authors, again, why even bother.
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Paul Kimball

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Without getting into Rendlesham exactly, I would like to hear what Peter thinks of eye witness testimony in general now that the eyewitness that he hitched his wagon and professional reputation to has been completely discredited. Does he see the inherent difficulties with hinging research on eyewitnesses, and why skeptics have such a problem with it?


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On a more UFO-related note, I’d be interested in Peter discussing his sister Helen’s abduction experiences, his longtime friendship with Budd Hopkins and which cases of Budd’s did he feel were the most credible? You could have him comment on the whole crazy Linda Cortile Affair. I’d like his take on the David Jacobs/Emma Woods imbroglio but I know you won’t go there.

Shoot, you did the show Wednesday night. I thought it was taping Thursday P.M. Oh well..,