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    C2C, 2-22-15: Hrs 1-2, Jacques Vallee—Hrs 3-4 Ray Stanford!

    Going to be a great show for sure. After years of hearing Ray at this point i think Ray's "Evidence" is going to have to be reviewed posthumously. Chris do you know who will inherit these materials and if a chain of custody can be established? Not being morbid just realistic.
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    You Wanna be a TV Stahhh?

    You must get these sort of requests frequently Chris. Tell them you would be happy to consult for them @$100HR It astounds me these people want you to do there work for free.
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    Larry Warren on DMR-Dec. 15th

    Hell of a show Don.
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    Dr. John Alexander — September 14, 2014

    yeah your the only one i have ever heard call him on that Gene.
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    Dr. John Alexander — September 14, 2014

    *Sigh* At least Gene asked the question but John has been spouting his Bullshit about "non lethal Tasers" for far to long. Electronic Village: 595 Taser-Related Deaths in the United States Since 2001 check the link out it has details on every single death. This is just in the US. Yeah 10...
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    Mirage Men and DMR

    Excellent Don. I am actually watching it right now ;) Looking forward to UFO's Tonite! .... oops i mean Dark Matters Radio!
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    James Carrion, "The Rosetta Deception," July 20, 2014

    about time we heard from Walter again!
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    First Amendment: Freedom of the Press R.I.P.

    Good comments Mike, these targeted people are clearly the Press not just wandering rioters, the press is reporting on pivotal developments to our nation. Right now in the US of A, States have individual laws regarding filming Police, it's pure insanity as the first Amendment is the highest law...
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    First Amendment: Freedom of the Press R.I.P.

    This isn't usually my cup of tea but i just thought i would share this truly outrageous video of what we are currently living in. See for yourself after the police fire gas at a clearly identifiable news crew they dismantle there equipment and turn the cameras toward the ground. Those police...
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    Happy birthday :)

    Indeed Don, Happy Birthday Buddy.
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    Aliens on the Moon? (oh my!)

    hmmm could be!
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    Aliens on the Moon? (oh my!)

    Exciting news Don, always wanted to see your knowledge shared with a large audience on this topic. Will be great to see you on the special and that you tracked down Vito is a total surprise, no way am i missing this one.
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    Stalking the Herd-March 30, 2014

    Start RANT------ lots of MOOO puns to follow I had oral surgery 2 days ago so im slowly digesting (MOOO) all these shows while recovering. I will fight through the pain and drugged state just to speak up now Chris. It was another kick ass show and another Keeper for my collection. What can...
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    Coast2Coast w/ George Knapp This Sunday w/ Christopher O'Brien!

    Right on Chris. Looking forward to ANOTHER great interview. Scare us proper but educate us at the same time! C2C has masses and it will be great to see your research get more coverage. BTW i noticed you somehow moved from the middle of next week to Sunday, could there be a reason for the...
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    Stalking the Herd!

    Absolute out of the park interview Don and Chris! One of those magical interviews that just gave me the willies and a keeper for sure. Complex and truly spooky subject. Don about 15 minutes or so got interrupted on Live 365 towards the end of the show, could you post this show ASAP please to...