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    COVID-19 News

    I find Bret Weinstein's arguments (most on YouTube) that SARS-CoV-2 may have been accidentally leaked from a lab interesting if not fully persuasive (I just don't have the background to make a final judgment on a lot of the science in this). It's a rabbit hole, but... , and then a number of...
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    Jan Harzan, MUFON Exec... Pedophile?

    ... Yes the charges will stick. The police do this all the time. I saw it happen to a coworker in Chicago 20 years ago. The impersonation of the minor is done online, not in person.
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    Are They Really Among Us?

    Yeah, agreed, he's a contrarian and the article reads as though he is enjoying the attention. I saw another hypothesis (if that can apply here considering we can't really test it) about Oumaumau just today: Oumuamua Could be the Debris Cloud of a Disintegrated Interstellar Comet - Universe Today
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    Shop Talk With Mark Jackson

    Who is Mark Jackson?
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    January 6, 2019 — Yovav Gad

    Eh, self promotion and marketing, no one can really police every claim made in such realms, but I agree that ultimately the consumer's beliefs will tell. Reviews can be a good guide though even those can be fake or biased. The comic book the Fantastic Four declared itself "The World's Greatest...
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    Bye everybody!

    Bye everybody!
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    About these emails...

    It is well known you've asked for money regularly for years and years now. It is not clear to me what "these problems" you refer to being "solved" even looks like to you at this point. Whatever generous donations you received over the past few years, they did not prevent you from being...
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    The Official Paracast Political Thread! — Part Five

    The appeal of Trump, I ask myself about that. I think some people wanted him as their wrecking ball against what they viewed as the established order. I have seen arguments that he exploited a weakness in the U.S. Presidential election system, that, the argument goes, it's a popularity...
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    Cause of Art Bell's Death

    Sad, leaving behind the very young daughter as he did.
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    What's your favorite Star Trek TOS episode?

    Tough to pick a favorite! I watched TOS a lot in syndication as a kid. When I was in my 20s I started watching it again and realized how much of my ethics had come from the show, no fooling. Honestly I think I could've done a lot worse! The show still has a very special place in my heart and...
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    Image Management

    I think typically those who do the doxxing almost certainly think they are justified. But sometimes they just screw up, a famous example being Spike Lee putting what he thought was George Zimmerman's home address out online. Of course even if it had been the correct address (and it was not), it...
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    The Official Paracast Political Thread! — Part Five

    I agree we are quite bad in general at remembering the past; I'd also say we're collectively pretty awful at trying to understand the perspective those in the past may have had. It bugs me when we want to judge people of hundreds years in the past by our prevailing ethics. But - it's gonna...
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    The Official Paracast Political Thread! — Part Five

    For what it's worth... I agree that he was / is a symptom; I think his administration is now yet another contributing factor to the dysfunction. To me one of the most depressing things about Trump being elected was just what it said about the state of democracy and politics in the U.S. That...
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    Inside the Lightning Ball: Ask Dr. Irena Scott

    I know this quote is from her book's description elsewhere so you did not write it but, it scans pretty odd to me: "It is uniquely credible; it may be the world’s only book having portions accepted into the peer-reviewed scientific literature," - really, no other book on any topic has had...
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    Surprise find, new member

    Ahhh ok, thanks Slytiger. I had read long ago about him supposedly being fired for autograph collecting, and forgotten that. Hadn't seen all those details either I don't think. Thank you again for sharing, that helps. Well no doubt in my opinion anyway there are loads of frauds and people...