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    RAF Bentwaters case....

    Ive been wondering when the paracast is going to do another episode on this case. Since john burroughs was on the show nothing more has been said.
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    NEW 9/11 Thread

    Yeah the 23rd floor of wtc 7 was Giuliani's headquarters for the office of emergency management. Google the name Barry Jennings and watch some of his video's on youtube.
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    Mossad did 9/11. Period.

    Paul I think the time has come to lock it. I gave up 10 pages ago and I can't believe it is still going. Like I said before either party will never convince the other, and everybody has the right to believe in whatever they like. People criticizing others here on a forum is not productive...
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    News: Woman sees UFO in Sydney; takes photos

    Yeah Gareth I spoke to a mate who said he saw an interview with her, she said she saw a ufo when she was 11 and had followed the subject ever since. So my mind is made up.
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    Mossad did 9/11. Period.

    See the thing is irishseekers there were plenty of people who went on the record to say that for months leading up to 9/11 there were all sorts of activity going on in the buildings. Construction work was heard and seen by plenty of witnesses. Also from witnesses who worked in the buildings they...
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    Mossad did 9/11. Period.

    In the 9/11 commission report it clearly states: At 9:58.59 the south tower collapsed in ten seconds. Lance you argue about 1 second here and two seconds there but it doesn't matter it was free fall we all watched it. You use the commission report when you need it and argue with it when it...
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    Mossad did 9/11. Period.

    56 mins is not a good while. Yeah but only on 6 floors. How does that bring a 110 story building down at free fall speed? I never said there were not fires. But never in our history before or after 9/11 has fire ever brought down a steel structured building. Especially not at free fall...
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    Mossad did 9/11. Period.

    1. The buildings were designed for aircraft crashing into them. Thomas Eagar an MIT professor of materials engineering says " The impact of the planes would not have been significant, because the number of columns lost in the initial impact was not large and the loads shifted to the...
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    Mossad did 9/11. Period.

    And WTC building 7. Unless this building was made out of paper mache how the hell did that come down in exactly the same manner as the twin towers. No planes, just a few little fires.
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    Mossad did 9/11. Period.

    Jose there is nothing wrong with seeking the truth. What is wrong is criticizing people who want answers to things they don't feel make sense. I think we still have to ask the question of how these buildings came down at free fall speed as we all saw. It is impossible for a 110 story...
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    Mossad did 9/11. Period.

    Motive is the key. On the paracast motive is always brought up as a reason to believe somebodies testimony. When you look at documents like The Project For A New American Century and look at who benefited financially it seems the US government and their friends had the clearer motive.
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    Mossad did 9/11. Period.

    I personally think that its great we have these people who question our governments call them conspiracy theorists or whatever. If it was the US government who carried out the attacks of 9/11 then maybe they have been questioned enough to ever think about doing anything like this again and in...
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    Paranormal Activity Movie

    Has anyone seen this movie its been around for a few years but has been released nationwide only recently. Kind of reminds me of Blair Witch. Any thoughts? <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
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    Police Officer See's Aliens In Crop Circle

    British UFO experts were contacted after a off duty police sergeant allegedly saw three aliens standing near a crop circle. The man who has not been named says he saw three 6ft tall blond haired figures examining the crop circle when he approached the field he heard a sound not dissimilar to...
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    Larry Warren in Bentwaters

    Another great book on the Rendlesham Forest incident is Georgina Bruni's book "You Can't Tell The People"