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    Climate Change: Fact and Denial

    Thomas R Morrison. Facts are facts, and you are spot on. There are a certain segment of humans who deny climate change no matter what evidence is presented, no matter what facts are proven. I do not understand even a modicum how someone could have such massive cognitive dissonance....UNLESS...
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    Skeptics on Skeptics - Pseudoskeptics Revealed

    Cool website discussing the fact that some skeptics are die hard fundamentalists. . . . Pseudoskeptics Revealed » Skeptical About Skeptics
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    is this a nuke?

    Nope. Electromagnetic effects (EMF pulse) would have fried the camera. A neutron bomb .....I would guess the gamma rays alone would have cooked the photographer. Besides, the fireball was slow to gain maximum brightness....a nuke is instantaneous. My was an ammo dump full of...
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    Favorite (Intergalactic) Recipes

    I thought you meant THESE kinds of recipes: . . .
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    What was Lost when the Great Library of Alexandria was destroyed?

    Here is an attempt to create a new Library of Alexandria: Overview - About the Library - Bibliotheca Alexandrina It's pretty cool actually. Take a look. . . .
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    The Black-Eyed Kids

    High strangeness indeed. I feel there is something to the story. Demons, inter dimensional beings, aliens, *fill-in-the-blank*..........whatever it is, I think there is something to it. BTW, I don't go for the pranking either. Being unreasonably terrified and disappearing quickly makes me...
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    The Black-Eyed Kids

    There's a lot of anecdotal evidence, well really testimonials, of people encountering these BEK. Do we just discount this as urban legend for lack of evidence? Could kids be pranking gullible adults with fake cosplay contact lenses? If you take the stories at face value, the kids instill a...
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    Official funny stuff

    It might just be my physiology, but since I gave up almost all (well, most) carbs, sugar, and severely limited my salt intake I feel like Superman. I only eat fresh veggies and fruits, nothing canned. 6oz of lean beef or chicken (no antibiotics or steroids), boiled eggs, yogurt, kefir, and...
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    What was Lost when the Great Library of Alexandria was destroyed?

    I cannot help but believe the library scholars at the time knew in advance the political climate was changing and the documents were in danger. Surely they were not blind to the dangers. My intuition, or wishful thinking, tells me they are still hidden somewhere maybe in the middle of the Sahara...
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    Strong Evidence Certain Gov Officials Trying to Stop Climate Change Investigations

    Ted Cruz wants to stop NASA from studying Earths climate...mainly because of all the evidence FOR Climate Change NASA is finding. NASA has been studying Earths climate since it was formed. THIS is PURE POLITICS. Ted Cruz Distorts NASA's Mission, Budget . . . .
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    Hello Truth can never be hidden

    Hey CryptoGuru, glad you came on the board. I love astronomy and science in general too. Have you ever had a sighting yourself?
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    The Cost of Landing on a Comet

    Geez dude. I didn't say it would be a utopia. But it will more than likely solve some problems. Will others be created? Most assuredly. But I can't see humans not growing up a little bit. I mean, survival would mean cooperation more than we have now.
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    The Cost of Landing on a Comet

    Excellent post Mike. You and Constance both have good ideas.
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    The Cost of Landing on a Comet

    Well, one may need to come before the other. Perhaps mobile self-sufficient societies may be just what humanity needs to grow up. No resource wars would be necessary. You may need to treat my ideas as suspect, because I am biased and an idealist. To me, living off world would have such a major...
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    The Cost of Landing on a Comet

    Whatever Senior Prime. I agree to disagree. Live long and prosper.