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    Nancy Talbott, Robbert van den Broeke, April 29, 2012

    I listened to this episode yesterday in bits and pieces because I was busy with my 3 and 4 year olds. I probably do not have as much time as many of the regular listeners. My personal opinion is that at times Gene (do not take offense to this) was really being pretty hard on the interview and...
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    Obama on Gay Marriage

    I think Obama threw himself under the bus. Christians in this country hold a lot of weight and now definite lines have been drawn in the sand. I just wonder what his puppeteers are up to? That was a ball'sy move.
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    Tsunami Debris

    Haven't you heard . . . .their trying to depopulate us. Meanwhile, "They" (the NWO) will be killing off themselves. Of course the news is now bought out and only reports what "They" want you to hear is stated. Why do you think the 2012 campaign only tells about Mitt and Obama and nothing...
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    ‘Remote viewers’ in Nevada help solve California murder

    I personally know a man who does remote viewing in North Carolina where I used to live who was my teacher 6 years back. He held classes on discovering and moving one's own energy (chi) for healing purposes. He told me he could communicate with other RVers across the planet in Asia. I believed...
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    NSA Document Admits ET Contact [?]

    I wonder why it took so many years to release the info . . . .even after court ordered. We all know the gov hides way more then they let on. Must have meant something to them to want to hide it. I also wonder why they shut down the space program here in FL where I reside. I have a friend whose...
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    Southwest UFO Tours

    I had the opportunity last year to do a 2500 mile car trip with my hubby and 2 kids under 3 years old at that time. This journey started with a flight from FL to Vegas then a car rental on a majestic tour of Utah (Zion) down to the four corners, then to the Mesa Verde ruins (where the ancestral...
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    Southwest UFO Tours

    Too bad you did not have time to hit the SLV of Southern Colorado. Many crazy vibes there. Ask Chris about that when you see him.
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    Questions for Ron James and Chris

    Do you think there is a definite link between UFO's, the paranormal (ghosts,etc.) and black magic (those conjuring through magic)?
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    4/1/2012 Chris Lambright and Ray Stanford

    I have not read all the threads on this forum post because I do not have the time but as far as the show goes, I was left wanting to here more about the Paul Bennowitz case. It would be great to have a whole show regarding the Dulce subject and Paul's story on what he experienced on his roof top...
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    Chris Needs Some Help with His Site!

    I have two opinions (or theories) about this subject. First, someone should help show him how to maintain his site (if he is interested and has the time). Ya know the old saying "teach a man to fish" opposed to fishing for him. That makes it easy to not depend on others for management because...
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    Magnetic Pole Reversal = Climate Change?

    Wow! This is an old thread revisited. Subject of pole sift is still peaking because we are in 2012. It will be interesting to see what does or does not happen. Is this an earth shattering year? Who really knows. One thing that will not change is that the NWO will continue taking over the planet...
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    "Expert ET contactee: Half of humanity ascends to 5th dimension on March 21, 2013"

    "Expert ET contactee: Half of humanity ascends to 5th dimension on March 21, 2013 The article on the link was giving me a headache to read and I could not finish the video with all the jibberish being said. I am not going to say this guy is not having experiences but the way everything is...
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    Did Ancient Egyptians Possess Advanced Technologies?

    Our more contemporary sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce claimed that he was there in a past life and they built the ancient structures through use of telepathy and help from alien technology.
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    Questions for Robert Hastings

    I do not know if my question is too late but I would like to hear your opinion regarding a connection between nuclear testing and secret government projects related with the supposed underground Dulce base in New Mexico and the possible link to a high cancer cluster area on the Native American...
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    LSD: Acid tests

    I think they are testing that theory of legalizing cannabis in Colorado and California (and other states). They say you need a medical prescription but that is easily obtainable with cash. I am all about the legalization of pot and know it is mostly harmless for the most part in comparison to...