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    The Other Nostradamus

    "Edgar Cayce's predictions are documented in the transcriptions of his readings, which he gave until his death in 1945. Join us as we examine his life and prophecies." Edgar Cayce-The other Nostradamus: youtube playlist ...
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    2012 = Mayan Calendar + biblical armageddon

    Yep, but then there will be 2020 - the final definite end of the world to look forward. And after that, 2022 - ultimate, this time for real- deluxe edition end of the world... And on and on and on... ! P.S. One day they'll be right... unfortunately. Or fortunately, depending on your...
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    Maybe why no disclosure.

    The governments are in "contact" with ETs in the same way that the old priesthood of Egypt were in "contact" with gods....
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    UFO Hunting - Waste of money

    " (United Kingdom) The Ministry of Defence has closed its UFO investigation unit. A hotline and email address for the public to report strange sights in the skies to the military were shut down on December 1. The MoD said it had received thousands of reports of UFOs over more than 50 years...
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    Moon (movie)

    Anyone seen -INK- ?
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    Moon (movie)

    Hank Azaria was absolutely brilliant in 'Night at the Museum 2'.
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    Moon (movie)

    I like it. A lot. By the way "Moon" is directed by David Bowie's son.
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    Happy birthday Gareth

    Happy Bday!
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    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

    Love Terry Gilliam's stuff... will watch it.
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    poltergeist activity on video

    There was a thread on paracast few months back about this (and another video)... it is all one big fat FAKE. P.S. - Dude even posted another video where everything is explained (how he did it and stuff). EDIT: LINK ..
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    ...or fighting wars there. ;)
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    attn: bacon fans

    Been there.Done that.Both the coronary artery bypass. :D
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    BBC News "Astronomers have announced a haul of planets found beyond our Solar System. ... "From [our] results, we know now that at least 40% of solar-type stars have low-mass planets. This is really important because it means that low-mass planets are everywhere, basically," explained...
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    Boy in Balloon :D
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    Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

    On the other side winning Nobel prize for Peace is better than "winning" this: "10 Oct 2009. Tony Blair had joined the Queen, Gordon Brown, Iraq veterans and bereaved families at the St Paul's Cathedral service, honouring the 179 British personnel who died during the six-year conflict...