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July 29, 2018 — Paul Dean

Gene and weekly cohost J. Randall Murphy present Australia’s Paul Dean. Paul specializes in the acquisition, assessment and archiving of official UFO records which have been generated for 80 years by myriad government agencies. He has been instrumental in obtaining never-before-seen UFO case files, military doctrine, and other important documents that will shape our understanding of the UFO issue for years to come. He also works with files that were first obtained by others, but thought long lost, and engage with the likes of archivists Barry Greenwood, Jan Aldrich and Francis Ridge. Working from more of a historical perspective than a field investigator or UFO cult personality, Paul attempts to assess which areas of governmental UFO history are lacking significant documentation, and he then focuses on those areas with Freedom of Information Act requests, Mandatory Declassification Review submissions, and other correspondence regimes.

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