Top 3 Casino Games for Newcomers

Easiest Casino Games for Newbie Gamblers

From the outside, gambling may seem like a difficult pastime to get into. Newcomers to the casino often fear that because gambling is difficult, there is a good chance they’ll lose their money.

Now, while some casino games may require a bit more strategy and skill, not all are extremely difficult. Many casinos stock games that newcomers to gambling will find easy. If you’re new to gambling it may be a good idea to start with easier games, to get into your groove.

The easier games, however, can be and are played by all gamblers. Anyone can enjoy them at any time. They are just great to help new gamblers get into a rhythm at the casino and get comfortable with the new surroundings.

This article will cover 3 casino games that are perfect for newcomers who want to get into gambling. Let’s jump in!


Slot machines are by far some of the most popular and loved games to play at the casino. Pretty much everyone who has visited a casino will at some point have tried to play on the slot machines.

According to many players both online pokies and land-based slots are based purely on luck. Now, while this may be true to some extent, there is also some form of strategy that goes into playing the slots.

Understanding the timing of the lever pulls, along with understanding how the bonuses work, could play massively in your favor.

So, if you’re a newcomer to the casino and want to try a game that’s easy and fun to play, head over to the slot machines and give it a spin! All you need to do is simply pull a lever and be astounded by the flashy graphics and exhilarating sounds!


When most people think about playing a game at the casino, they think about sitting down at the table and gambling with some cards. Card gambling games have been around for an eternity, and there’s a good reason for that… They’re fun and easy to play!

It makes sense then that any new gambler would want to play a card game when they visit the casino for the first time, right?

Well, according to many veteran gamblers, blackjack is the easiest card game to play at the casino. The rules are fairly simple and easy to understand. You can also play against the dealer only if you’re not feeling confident enough to play against real players.


Roulette is a must play for any newcomer to gambling. It is a classic casino game that doesn’t take much skill at all, but instead is reliant on pure luck.

Now, when newcomers hear about luck in gambling they may be deterred because they feel like they have no control on the outcome of a game. Well, roulette has great odds, so there is a good chance that you’ll stand to make some winnings!