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October 15, 2017 (DOWNLOAD — Free Version): The Paracast is a paranormal radio show that takes you on a journey to a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions. The Paracast seeks to shed light on the mysteries and complexities of our Universe and the secrets that surround us in our everyday lives.

Join long-time paranormal researcher Gene Steinberg, co-host Christopher O’Brien, a seasoned field investigator, and a panel of special guest experts and experiencers, as they explore the realms of the known and unknown. Listen each week to the great stories of the history of the paranormal field in the 20th and 21st centuries.

On this week’s show: Gene and guest cohost Paul Kimball present Dr. Scott Kolbaba, who will discuss the book, “Physicians’ Untold Stories.” The book includes near-death experiences, unexplained miraculous healing, apparitions, dreams foretelling future events and more, such as a physician who wakes up with an unmistakable intuition about his patient’s mysterious malady.  Dr. Kolbaba has been featured in Chicago Magazine as a “Top Doctor” in internal medicine, and is currently an internist in private practice in Wheaton, Illinois.

After The Paracast: Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers: An eclectic episode as Gene and guest cohost Paul Kimball briefly talk about their fast food preferences before moving on. What about colorized versions of black and white movies? Paul’s take on the subject is that colorizing is an “abomination,” as the discussion moves briefly to the state of moviemaking. Commenting on the appearance of Dr. Scott Kolbaba on The Paracast, Paul says that concerns about life after death are far more important than whether we are being visited by space aliens. In rant mode once again, Paul criticizes the “To the Stars” crowd-funding project from UFO promoter Tom DeLonge, a former rocker, as just another effort to use the UFO mystery as a dodge to make money, of “buying into the business of Ufology.” Paul also criticizes journalist and UFO author Leslie Kean for evidently attaching herself to to DeLong’s project with a recent HuffPost article.

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Download NOW PLAYING! October 15, 2017 — Dr. Scott Kolbaba with Paul Kimball

Gene and guest cohost Paul Kimball present Dr. Scott Kolbaba, who will discuss the book, “Physicians’ Untold Stories.” The book includes near-death experiences, unexplained miraculous healing, apparitions, dreams foretelling future events and more, such as a physician who wakes up with an unmistakable intuition about his patient’s mysterious malady.  Dr. Kolbaba has been featured in Chicago Magazine as a “Top Doctor” in internal medicine, and is currently an internist in private practice in Wheaton, Illinois.


Download October 8, 2017 — Paul Kimball

Gene and Chris present filmmaker  Paul Kimball to talk about ghosts, hauntings, and the other stuff that he’s working on as part of my new series for Canadian television called “Haunted,” which he hosts along with Holly Stevens. Paul writes, “Whilst I would prefer for this to be a ‘UFO free’ episode, I’m happy to talk about the 50th anniversary Shag Harbour UFO Festival,” and so he does. You’ll also learn about the strange ghost-like phenomena that appears to follow the “Haunted” production crew around as they travel to places where ghosts have been reported. And did Paul receive messages from beyond the grave that may have been sent by the late paranormal investigator and author Mac Tonnies?


Download October 1, 2017 — Micah Hanks

Gene and Chris present researcher Micah Hanks, of The Gralien Report, Over the course of the last year, Micah has been researching a handful of unusual topics, which include a post World War II mystery in Chile. But this episode begins with Micah discussing classic UFO cases that, years later, may not be as compelling as they originally seemed. Were all or most of them conventional aircraft, perhaps undergoing tests? And what about evidence of possible nuclear events in ancient times? Micah and Chris also discuss ways to capture evidence of ongoing paranormal events, such as the San Luis Valley Camera Project, and other projects that may or may not have demonstrated progress.


Download September 24, 2017 — Paracast Listener Grills Gene and Randall

Gene and guest co-host J. Randall Murphy submit themselves to questions about UFOs and their background in the field of Ufology from Paracast listener Louis Sheehan. Gene talks about his history as a UFO researcher and writer, and about a series of recurring nightmares during a period when he constantly smelled the odor of burnt sulphur, both of which may have significance as paranormal events. Gene also discusses at length his favorite episodes of The Paracast and debates, with Randall, the original and current meaning of the acronym “UFO,” and why Gene is not necessarily a believer in the most popular theory, that the flying saucers are spaceships from other planets. As Gene often states, would we even recognize the product of a highly advanced spacefaring technology?


Download September 17, 2017 — Joshua Black

Gene and guest co-host J. Randall Murphy present Joshua Black, one of the leading academic researchers in the field of dreams of the deceased. The discussion includes precognitive dreams. He has focused all of his graduate work on investigating this neglected topic (MA and PhD). He continues to publish scientific research in the field as he finishes his Ph.D. at Brock University (Ontario, Canada). To raise awareness about the topic, he started a website (, Instagram page (@griefdreams), Grief Dreams Facebook Group, and the Grief Dreams Podcast (with co-host Shawn Ram). Additionally, he frequently gives presentations and workshops on the topic to the bereaved and those who work with them.


Download September 10, 2017 — Daniel Liszt, the Dark Journalist

Gene and Chris present Daniel Liszt, also known as the Dark Journalist, who discusses his investigations of such controversial figures in paranormal research as Corey Goode. If you NetSearch Goode’s background (and those who surround him), Daniel Liszt’s work will be at the top of your search. He has uncovered disturbing revelations about Goode and his business manager, ‘Emma Gold,’ aka Roger R. Remseur aka Roger Richards and suggestions of an attempt to create a “cult” around Goode. Find out who is behind “Cory’s kids” and why are young people being targeted by forces that appear to be promoting fantastic messages by so-called “blue avians?” Oh, and you’ll also hear a discussion about the political impact of the alternative media.


Download September 3, 2017 — Dr. Jacques Vallee

Gene and Chris present a very special episode featuring world-class UFO researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee. Dr. Vallee appears on the occasion of the publication of his three-volume set of personal journals entitled “Forbidden Science.” You’ll hear a very personal side of Dr. Vallee as he speaks about his early meetings with Ray Palmer, Kenneth Arnold, and even his first encounter with Jim Moseley (Gene was present), whose outspoken writings he enjoyed for many years. Chris and Dr. Vallee will discuss their investigative process, and the work they’ve done on the strange happenings at the Skinwalker Ranch and other strange events. You’ll hear why Dr. Vallee maintains that the witness is an extremely significant element of the paranormal research process.


Download August 27, 2017 — Don Ecker with J. Randall Murphy

Gene, Chris and guest cohost/panelist J. Randall Murphy present a return appearance by the inimitable Don Ecker, long-time UFO researcher and curmudgeon. On this episode, Ecker talks about some of the unsavory characters he’s encountered in the UFO field over the years, including Sean David Morton, Dr. Steven Greer, Kal Korff and Stan Romanek. Both Morton and Romanek have been convicted of crimes. Ecker will also talk about such subjects as undersea UFOs, possible ancient astronauts and advanced civilizations, UFO group follies, and whether it’s at all possible to do serious UFO research anymore. And that’s just the beginning!


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