Beginners Guide to Reading Auras

We often hear about auras and how they can help you know other people well and analyze their energy. While this is true, reading auras is not as easy as you may think. They are complex and only those who have exercised a particular practice can read them.

But you shouldn’t worry though. In this post, you’ll learn how to read various types of auras.

What is an Aura?

Humans are spiritual beings and are surrounded by an energy field. This energy field is what is called the aura. This energy comes in seven layers, with each of the layers representing a certain element of your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health.

To see your auras, you should have a clear understanding of how energy feels in the body. Aura colors will only show to you if you’re in a relaxed state of mind. Even so, you may still need to contact a psychic reader so they can help you understand the meaning of aura colors.

Are Auras Real?

A simple answer would be yes. However, depending on the philosophies and practices in question, aura might have varying interpretations. But one thing is clear. All things comprise of energy!

However, there’s still no proof that this energy manifests the state of your being.

Even so, auras can be seen as the energy that people around us omit. This can explain why you’ll feel relaxed when around some people and nervous when with others.

So, How Do You Read the Auras?

You can develop your ability to read auras through practicing. Without much ado, here the beginners guide to reading auras:

1.   Pay Attention to Energy

Well, to be able to read auras, you need to understand how energy feels in the body. But how do you do this? Well, by being attentive to how you’re feeling when around different people.

Do you feel loved and valued when you’re around them? Or do you feel drained? You’ll better analyze the people you come into contact with if you begin to notice this physical reaction.

2.   Consider Seeing Them from the Periphery

Since we’re constantly processing information, you can rarely see the aura with your eyes. The way we view and interpret things is usually dependent on our thought patterns.

To see an aura, you need to:

  • Look at a definite spot for about a minute and allow your gaze to soften
  • Be cautious of the shapes and colors available at your line of light. Don’t force yourself, though, as this can make you anxious.
  • Slow your breath

3.   Be Cautious of the Color

The presence of colors will go a long way in determining how well you can read auras. To that end, we would advise you to practice with brightly colored objects in a neutral room.

You can then, with your eyes closed, ask the colors to reveal themselves to you. While breathing deeply, allow a soft gaze as if you’re looking through the colored items.

Take a mental picture of the field surrounding the colored object. As a result, you’ll realize a shimmer coloring coming from the object. That will be your starting point to experiencing the magic behind aura reading. With practice, you will be able to read multi-colored objects.

4.   Now Read the Aura of Another Living Being

Now that you’ve successfully read the aura for an object, it is time to upgrade to another living being. But wait, if you don’t feel confident to read aura for another human being, you can start with plants. Plants are still an excellent option as they can give you a different energy type you can work with.

To that end, you need to seek people’s permission before you read their aura. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Let the person stand against a neutral wall, let’s say a foot or two in front of you
  • Try to gaze through her so your focus will be on the wall
  • Let the aura reveal itself to you, and give much thought to not just what you’re seeing but what you think of the colors as well.
  • You can then ask the person to move around so you can see whether you’ll still experience the same sense of color.

5.   Try Reading Your Aura

Now that you know how to read other people’s auras, you may be thinking about how to read your aura. Well, reading your own aura may be a bit difficult but it can be an excellent way to boost your intuitive abilities.

To start, you’ll need to clear your mind and let your mind know that want to read your own aura.