Top Rated Horror Games to Play in 2019

The gaming business is booming and developers around the world are in hot competition to outsell their games to both mobile and console gamers. This is a major advantage for players as prices are competitive, mobile gaming is virtually free and the tech gadget releases are utterly sensational. With hundreds and thousands of games to choose from, we decided to do the grunt work and sift through the numerous of paranormal and horrific themed games and select only the best for our top rated horror gaming list.

Into the Dead

As the name suggests, Into the Dead is a graphic Android game based around killing the zombie nation. If guts and gore is up your alley you won’t be disappointed by the display you are about to face. The action packed game takes you through a number of various levels, all of which require you to defend yourself by unlocking weapons and new stages. The game is both intense and exciting, ideal for paranormal fanatics.

Horror Video Slots

Online casinos also offer a wide range of horror, paranormal and eerie themed slots which can be accessed via mobile or desktop. Even land based casinos house the most cryptic and fearful video slots games. If making money while enjoying a creative theme is your idea of entertainment, you won’t be disappointed.

Dead Effect 2

The sequel to Dead Effect 2 is just as good, if not better, than its predecessor. The graphics are impressively high definition and the story line is rich as it continues from the original Dead Effect. It’s an Android science fiction first person shooting game which tells the tale of soldiers fighting for freedom aboard a spaceship.

Murder Room

The fun and interactive game can be accessed from your iPhone device and offers players a brain teaser experience. The psychological horror video game revolves around a serial killer chasing you as the main character and outrunning and surviving your own death. According to critics, Murder Room is as intense as it is scary. Definitely one for books.

Dead Trigger 2

Another zombie creation that appeals to gamers is Dead Trigger 2, an interactive shooting game that places you behind the trigger. Choose your weapon of mass zombie destruction in order to fight for survival. The game can be downloaded to both iOS and Android users.


This is more of an adventurous game but it has been developed by Playdead and our gaming reviews voted it as a fun game to explore.

Free Horror Games

As a mobile user, you are treated to a range of free games from your smartphones browser. Be sure to check if the game offers in app purchases should you wish to expand or further your gaming career in a particularly faster fashion. Mobile users are the luckiest gamers of all, they are able to download games for free, buy trendy gadgets to enhance their gaming quality and store more than one horrific game to their mobile devices. Check to see what’s on offer right now from your mobile handset.