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J. Randall Murphy

Delia Derbyshire - The Delian Mode​

Essential experimental music history!

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The Ultimate History of the Doctor Who Theme​

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J. Randall Murphy
I'm serious.

This guy was doing that sort of routine in the 60s (and they're still around);

I see the comparison to Jagger. You might find this interesting:

"No one in the band was really a singer. We wanted to find a singer, and we knew Question Mark and he said he could sing. Actually, my sisters knew him because he had a reputation as one of the best dancers around the area, you know? And my sisters used to go watch him dance, so they recommended Question Mark, and we tried him out and he sounded real good. He covered Mick Jagger, and we thought, "Well, we could do a lot of Rolling Stones cover songs…” So we started doing that."​


J. Randall Murphy
She's gotten onto this sparkly theme. I don't own any of her CDs, but she's really an amazing artist in her own way. This one is also directed by her.



Paranormal Maven
Here is some Finnish progressive rock for you. Band is called Tasavallan Presidentti (The President of the Republic). They are here performing in the UK tv. Their lead signer was a brit as well.