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    Random Thoughts

    This thread is for those random thoughts you may have from time to time. Let's keep it at least PG, and we'll all be okay. Because I decided to post this thread, I'll go first, that is unless somebody else does, which reminds me that being first before somebody else is a huge influence in our...
  2. USI Calgary

    This Thursday - Rutkowski & Clark

    For our first show of the new year we're welcoming back Chris Rutkowski and Jerome Clark. The show will be recorded the afternoon of Thursday January 02, 2020. Post any questions or comments for discussion below.
  3. USI Calgary

    Bryan Bonner Returns

    Bryan Bonner who joined us on this week's After The Paracast, returns December 19 for a follow-up episode. We're fast becoming convinced that Bryan should be our #1 Go-To Skeptic for all things paranormal. Checkout the August 18 Show where we barely scratch the surface on topics like belief...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    What Are You Listening To? Simple Question. Maybe Not So Simple Answers. It doesn't have to be just music. It could be a podcast or a radio-play. That's what separates this thread from the Music thread. Synchronicities: I began to suspect synchronicities happening around a musical track called...
  5. USI Calgary

    Call To Musicians

    Are you a totally independent musician with an interest in the paranormal? Do you have high quality audio recordings you would like others to hear? I'm putting together a round-table episode featuring totally independent musicians, during which their music will be played on-air, with a follow-up...