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On The Show – Thomas R. Morrison

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J. Randall Murphy
Morrison-01a.pngThomas Randolph Morrison is the leading artist in New Orleans Carnival and co-host of Physics Frontiers, a podcast dedicated to breakthrough concepts and controversies in the academic literature of theoretical physics.

Thomas approaches the subject of UFOs from a scientific standpoint, with an eye on advancements in astrophysics and theoretical physics that can shed light on the origin and the phenomenology of UFOs, and enjoys sharing his findings on social media platforms like The Paracast Forums, and at the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program Discussion Cell on facebook, where he serves as an administrator along with a group of other dedicated researchers.

Session Time: Thursday July 29 starting at 4PM Pacific | 5PM MDT | 6PM Central
After The Paracast to follow. Post your questions and comments for discussion below.

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We've got Morrison on the show today. Got any stumpers ( challenging questions )?

While we’re talking about Stanford, what’s his take on Stanford’s contention that these things use electromagnetic plasmas akin to magnetohydrodynamic propulsion?

He claims to have definitive evidence of plasma sheaths with demonstrable field effects.

Others, like the guy at UfoTheory.com say it’s distorting space/time to move.

Finding a field testable working theory would be great progress instead of endless hypothesizing.
Thomas has posted a supplemental thread containing loads of references to the things he talked about on The Paracast and After The Paracast: