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On The Show – Stephen Bassett

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J. Randall Murphy
Bassett-01c.pngStephen Bassett is the executive director of Paradigm Research Group founded in 1996 to end what he describes as a government imposed embargo on the truth behind the UFO phenomenon. Stephen has spoken to audiences around the world about the implications of disclosure by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

He has given over 1000 radio and television interviews, and PRG’s advocacy work has been extensively covered by national and international media. In 2013 PRG produced a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. On November 5, 2014 PRG launched a Congressional Hearing/Political Initiative seeking the first hearings on Capitol Hill since 1968 regarding the extraterrestrial presence issue and working to see that issue included in the ongoing presidential campaign.

PRG has assisted numerous organizations and initiatives by working to raise public awareness of the both the extraterrestrial presence and the truth embargo, advocating open congressional hearings to take government and agency witness testimony, and inciting the political media to appropriately cover the attendant issues. Stephen believes there can be only one outcome to the Disclosure advocacy movement – the formal acknowledgement of the extraterrestrial presence by world governments.

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  • The Paracast: Tuesday July 06 starting at 3:00 PM PT | 4:00 PM MDT | 6:00 PM ET
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Rutkowski is on the July 4th episode.

Bassett is on the July 11th episode.

Bassett will certainly have something to say that goes against what we've presented so far on the show about the Pentagon UAP Task Force Report.
There is no truth to the rumor that Stephen Bassett is really a tape loop.
Or a lizard person.

Then again, Stephen is the sort of guest you can sit back and listen to. He may have been way overeager in his belief that Disclosure was around the corner, but he knows his stuff.
The US UAP Assessment was to keep folk off ther backs .Those already lined up with contracts in the works would of seen the classified report. Also those in the UAP science group with clearances even after leaving the Agency. While the good stuff is coming it will be a controlled release and NASA already in planning some exciting developments. Keep watching the skies and the new TV series on Roswell Impacts using A.I. technology should read the two Roswell Memos one had two copies Western Union :US2 CPP . Watched Georges interview with Mr Don Schmitt was excellent example of ongoing UAP situation . Agree with Stan and two eyewitness who were at Roswell and the third was sent overseas after . The info was two memos Col Blancher - General Lemay advised the orders 268425 - Army Corps (BUG) was Truman nickname sent PT-83225 Army Material Division( one of the eyewitnesses went on to work for the Agency ) . MPs were sent to guard the Disc (saucers ) and Truman orders the Army Air Force to open two Airfields Fort Worth -Telegram 12580 was sent for Army Mortary Unit P2CPC not civilian . Top priority 12 MAJ 362 order . SGT Hault Unit 75th -T14 and 3325 Trucks and Flt 5289 .Air Field 5T8 -Canapy -Geeral Ramey and OSS (CIA) Ikes -stay with Lt Krammer .Rigs to Korean looking Creatures -SGT Hault advise MPs 06:00 A - 017:00 P Following Flts 5G253 USRR4 -For Crates -Victims on Flt 515F4 ARQ 928J824 - For Stores US Army Unit 149N Stalhy -Kerks for Finelly & Dr Menzel -inside -slides (Tents ) -ARQ Regiment Quartermaster 92653PQ Creatures send to Second Airfield JSTAP - Straps18x ( Wheeler ) 7 Pounder Digger - Tarp -Saucers (56273) Flt 22SR Ship Bodies (victims ) Air and Land -Freeze Bodies 7th , 1947 3 W. (Washington) . The Roswell Eyewitnees once was sitting near Dr Randle when he interview other eyewitness at one reunion. He worked in D.C. Another worked for Aerospace industry. The other for overseases and the MJ12 orchstrator was high up in Washington active who feed Cooper and Moore mixed chaff. with Gems inside . US Texas University and more later

All need to know the true details of the UFO cover up not just those making money out of it. Also Roswell Crash was termed Brazel Crash -and cat among the piegions -Admiral Bird was at the 'Brazel Crash ' sight that's the US Navy link lue. General Bolger ordered the Memo and was behind the MJ12 who had comms with Moore who feed Cooper who took off running with chaff sections. .The Materials on P3425 and Gen. EXON ARPQ -TSAAF CRASH-BUGS-(PODS)X3 Crash 3Rigs Tarps -Mogul Balloon Cover -Victims T08IR Bodies 7337-1S319PS 290-Crates. Stan spot on and more than 3 Impacts. Watching Space Out Radio - good interview on Majestic 12 and good guest for the Paracast Show.
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Also Stephen Bassett done the hard yards in trying to get D.C. to open the vaults and disagree with Nick on Imperial Japanese POWs,. One the US War Crimes Act having been ratified at the UN before 1947 and yes there were cases during end of WW2 of Japanese POWs being "thrown out of planes who ran the POW Camps in WW2 " . Gen. Ramey Memo mentions Admiral Bird and Crashes not crash. Moreover, as stated in Gen. Ramey memo Brazel Crashes -eyewitnesses at Roswell had highests clearance not low ranks and General Exon was in charge of moving the other bodies -victims 9 plus 2 . The D.C . Officer was a good friend of a relative who kept in touch after the WW2 . Col Corso was around in D.C. and his more important work is the Italian cases and Marconi links that's another incredible true events. The Bugs (memo) was the term used at the Brazel Crashes site on his land and the term Creatures (memo) . Reading the online memo from Texas University and not using AI reading gear- it has section-Navy -Piority -Dug (bug) materials -washington - D324 frozen -Victims -Maj Jesse Marcel -was -9PSPC -Preparing -Ranch-Brazel Crash -Disc-V6 Gen. Kramer -make-story-Hirize Balloon -S-Bug-(pod) -creatures- victims -Brigadier -Prepare-US Airfields Areana (3)- USTroops -Stop -Tresspassers-Transports -Trailers -SARG - Tarps- Wosely -Adm Souers-Fallen Discs- Prepare Rigs -JPSG -Brake or Drake-06:00A-013:09P-017:00P Beams For MJ12- Adm Hillenkoetter -To8IR-Victims7337- Prepare SARG Lt Hault - Gen .RMP ----Crates -Airfield Materials Gen.Exon -Bodies- Gen. Kerkes ARPQ Piroity Washington- 3 W , The question why put Koreans in memo?? Other Crashes happened during D.C. flyover and the High Ranking Officials at D.C. was related to a good friend whose father in law was a former US President not at the lower level. Also the other two eyewitness new the true story .

As stated Stan was on the money on Roswell ( he worked on Top Secret Material not low level as some have attack him ) and the Brazel Crashes were just one of many . Imagine putting up weather or high altitude balloons filled with experiment gear and (Nick not Japanese rather Korean -(,memo ) then it gets hit by flying discs ? ( as mention years ago on the Paracast Show in a question on the forum ) at another area and they try it again . Project Mogual cover up story ? and these bugs -creatures clear intent looks like it. Horse and cattle and you open up to find a bug -creature feeding on the remains of Koreans (there capabilities of cloaking -speed and dimensional capabilities- water and land including weather manipulation ) .That's the cover up and if Imperial Japanese biological type experiment you would not be sending Piority Beams-Material to Washington D.C. it was a Flying Discs 3 and others with 9+2 victims-bodies recovered. The Imperial Japanese biological story excellent cover story . (This one for Stan and Paul great interview he did on Stan on YouTube just watched.) The Flying Saucers were targeted with US (Canadian) WW2 drones and a number were active in 1944 (pod ) Dug *Doddlebugs (stealth craft as some today such as PLA give off orbs at certain temperatures reach and was in Jane's Defence open source - acdemic papers in the 1970s and 1980s

They converted Drones into smaller Flying Saucers- Drones. To target so called off world (some ) Flying Objects/Flying Saucers a Drone impacts. . So image the advanced in tech today. Also report declassified in 2019.

Moreover, know the area where one type of unknowns - flying saucers -objects coming from and waiting for declassification. Closer than many think -not here is one clue and keep with the Paracast Show number one in the World.

Also 'Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt book 'WITTNESS TO ROSWELL (2007) is the best on the ' Roswell Coverup ' plus Stan's other excellent books which bought many over the years and a few of Dr. Randle all have given good account of the Roswell Cases and many more these folks have done the leg-work.

Recommend folks buy them (next report) and the vital linkage written by Scholars Carey and Schmitt (Dr. Randle) in gathering important death bed confessions of eyewitness (military 2nd Lt H have to buy the book ) and they match up . While some over the years have grown bored with the classic cases of Roswell (others ) it's a linkage today's aerospace industries and advancement in military technology in scholarship .

The ripple effects from Flying objects - UFOs-UAPs and i'Clear Intent' and 'Above Top Secret' it's patterns including the phenomena over nuclear testing sites to research centres today. While mainstream media scientists giggle (excluding Dr Michio Kaku who knows and should do a TV series on Flying Objects-Flying Saucers -Are Real ) and disput the phenomenon behind the curtain its a threat assessment.
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