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J. Randall Murphy
Micah Hanks has more than just a passion for knowledge. His study of world history, culture and philosophy over the years have helped shape his nonpartisan outlook on current events, and always with a nod to the lessons history can teach us.

Micah is a longtime advocate for scientific research into unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), more commonly known as “UFOs.” As a frequent commentator and writer on this subject, he maintains an interest in the history, and possible scientific explanations for aspects of the phenomenon.

Along with his science advocacy relating to this topic, Micah’s interests also include areas of consciousness research, biological and zoological mysteries, and other unusual phenomena in nature. A “hopeful skeptic,” he advocates a critically-minded approach to the study of these subjects.

In 2016, Hanks began working closely with the archaeological community in the Southeastern United States, in an effort to understand relationships between early North Americans and their environment at the end of the last ice age. In 2018, he produced a short documentary on the controversial Topper archaeological site.

After several years as a producer for iHeart Media (formerly Clear Channel Radio), Micah began podcasting in 2011. From the former ATF agent who became the whistle blower that brought attention to the “Operation Fast and Furious” scandal, to a psychologist who once consulted former Beatle John Lennon, Micah has interviewed a number of experts over the years in the fields of science, technology, philosophy, history, archaeology, and other disciplines. You can find where to listen to all of Micah’s podcasts here.

Micah is a frequent guest on podcasts and radio programs, and has been interviewed by Vice, CNN Radio, Coast to Coast AM, Mysterious Universe, Hot Air, and a number of other outlets. He has also lectured in America and Europe on a variety of subjects that include archaeology, unidentified flying objects, and historical mysteries. If you would like to contact Micah, schedule him as a guest on your podcast, or are interested in having Micah talk at your conference or event contact Micah here. Last But not least Micah is a fine musician and a Co-Founder / Creator & Science Writer for The Debrief.

Topics On The Show Will Include
  • The Intelligence Authorization Act for 2022 and its UAP provisions
  • Analysis of the UAP Task Force's recent report to the ODNI
  • Assessment of the Situation: What do UFOs/UAP represent?
  • Possible sources of UAP
  • Is the extraterrestrial hypothesis the result of "Cold War stigmas"?
  • Are we ready for the implications
  • Astronomers and other scientists are finally warming up to the study of UAP
  • The Galileo Project (Avi Loeb, Harvard University)
  • NASA funded searches for technosignatures and ET technologies closer to home
  • Understanding the significance of historical studies of UAP

Session Time: Wednesday August 11 | 2:00 PM MDT | 1:00 PM Pacific
Website: Micah Hanks: Author, Podcaster, Researcher and Adventurer
The Debrief: The Debrief - Science, Tech and Defense for the Rebelliously Curious.
Documentary on the Controversial Topper Archaeological site:
Pre-Clovis Archaeology Along the Savannah River
More about Micah’s UAP research here and here.

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