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Vito Saccheri Moon Show Special


Paranormal Adept
Interesting point, the question would be what Mitchell would have to gain from making such admittedly bold claims. I guess monetary reasons aren't out of the question, but what amount are we talking about here, this is still a 'silly' niche field and the last place a former Astronaut would go if he wanted some quick cash. Hell, opening a supermarket would net him more I reckon.

(hope the surgery went well, Richard , all the best :) )


Paranormal Maven
Thanks, Dyingsun. The surgeon popped into the recovery room and said there was significant damage, but that he was able to do the repairs thoroughly. He is the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills, and considered the best by the surgeon from whom I sought a second opinion. It already feels better than before the surgery. But, whew! the recovery so far is about getting the dope out of my system-vivid nightmares, like a recovering junkie might experience. Had my first shower(kinda) just now-and that was great! I'm good for short bursts of activity-then I gotta lie down(and have outrageous dreams). Since I pretty much can't do anything else, its giving me time to play in the forum.Regarding the ability to keep secrets, I don't think it is all that hard, depending on the considered outcomes. Think about how an adopted child may not be told the truth about his/her true history. If family secrets can be kept, perhaps other, larger "family" secrets might as well be kept.


Paranormal Adept
Good to hear you're on the road to recovery at least. :)
Had my share of rather unpleasant medical aftermaths (sports), but I fully agree.Some secrets are not meant to be told but kept, I dare anyone saying something else judging from their own personal lives. It isn't hard at all, it all depends on one's judgement of the matter. Let's hope most people still have some sense of empathy left in them, nowadays it seems most don't.


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
For the skeptics out there: http://www.jamesoberg.com/saccheri.vito.pdf

I'll add that when looking into the claims that the Moon Landing was a hoax, I discovered that a lot of the people involved in the Apollo Program were contractors and that when it went down, a lot of them simply abandoned their offices leaving stuff behind including records and photos just sitting there in cardboard boxes, so these claims about ultra secret vaults with every picture ever taken being meticulously catalogued and stored is somewhat misleading. I'm not saying there isn't a repository someplace for such stuff, but even Moon rocks have gone missing. Start here:

Missing Moon Rocks: Apollo moon rocks lost in space? No, lost on Earth
Scientists Revive Moon Videos: Rogue scientists revive lost moon photos inside abandoned McDonald's
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