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Video of Saucer-Pod UFO while filming Chemtrails Los Angeles 28 March, 2011


Skilled Investigator
My "flying saucer" pictures were much better quality.

Early 1970's ... I worked at the local daily newspaper in the advertising department.

We had a professional photographer in the news department , when the Billy Meier UFO pictures were released I showed them to him .... very easy to do he said.

Take a shiny metallic disc and throw it in the air and photograph it with a high speed lens.

So we did .... borrowed one of my moms metal pie plates .... tossed it with a bit of spin , just like throwing a Frisbee .... I had bought one of the first black and white Polaroid cameras ... and it took several attempts before getting a good photo .... my friend would throw it and say "now" which was my signal to press the button.

The trick was to position everything so that parts of a tree , and roof-line of a house were in the lower part of the picture .... thus the "disc" would look like it was about 1/4 mile away in the sky.

The one good photo was quite convincing ..... I wanted to keep going until I had more .... trouble was I had already used about $10 worth of Polaroids ... and in those days my weekly salary was only $50 so I had to stop.

Plus my mom was not very happy to see her pie plate landing amongst all the dirt and dog poop in our back yard
Your ability to create a fake video is awesome, but not really what this thread is about. Once again, I was filming the "stratospheric aerosol injection" artifacts, and saw the object several years after the fact.


Skilled Investigator
Just because you can't see what I'm talking about on your screen doesn't mean it's silly. There are lots of these kinds of videos, and insects are the common cause. I'm also willing to admit that maybe I'm wrong, which is more than you're seemingly capable of doing, so just carry on and believe whatever you want.

Chemtrails are another issue. Something is going on with those that aren't simply contrails.

Just because you haven't heard me out yet doesn't mean I can't admit when I'm wrong or that I'm "defensive" or anything of the sort.

We seem to be missing each other here...not really talking about the same thing.

Firstly, I'm not driving that these are ET or alien. I have no idea.

Secondly, my position on this video has evolved over time as a result of seeing other captures as well as having more experiences myself.

I maintain that while it may be shaped like a "pod-saucer", it's not. I'm convinced its an orb.

Since then I have captured several of them, very few by accident, and your blanket statement "that they've also jumped to the same unlikely conclusion" doesn't automatically make it so, nor describe or explain the several cases where people are filming the same thing.

In short, I'm convinced that a good deal of what people are witnessing..,if NOT solid objects like this one...

(several more captures like these on the net...DARPA?)

...are orbs.

They manifest as both white light spheres and dark plasma like spheres, and I have two instances on film that show it changing back and forth from one state to another.

They are not balloons: they often change shape when traveling, and will often exhibit a spin or torsion field that you can observe if close enough. I have a capture of a light orb that changes shape significantly as it changes direction, flying at 45 and 30 degree angles. Have a few captures that look exactly liked the Mariana film from the 50s. Have also filmed one manifesting as dark plasma, changing shape from oval to sphere to diamond/square to a football shape, occasionally also changing colour as it went by.

Have you witnessed anything like these?

They have been captured close by in our skies as well as out in space while filming the moon.

I'm not saying they are alien or et. I have no idea. I am interested to see how many of these orbs were witnessed by our pilots...including the ones mentioned in the recernt pentagon releases.

It suffices to say a good deal of people are witnessing and filming these "orbs"...and it will be interesting to see if they are some kind of natural phenomenon or something more. But they need to be taken seriously as so many are encountering them. The Denver article? Ive seen the footage. Some may well be bugs but some are the same orbs I mention. People have not put this into full context yet.

So the point is, there is something else going on here. While folks want to frame the discussion only by nuts and bolts crystal clear craft vs. balloons, there is significantly more territory to cover here thats worth the time.

Before moving on I should probably state again...I post my vids for other experiencers to compare their experiences with. Im thankful for Kruse and others who do the same thing. I dont do it to "prove" aliens are here or operating them. Ive never said that. I dont hoax, do cgi, and am the ultimate skeptic before venturing to post them. I think we "miss" each other when we make broad assumptions about the person making the post...assuming they dont deeply vet, do research, and bring any personal expertise to the table. So the personal assumptions about what someone is thinking or motivated by merely clouds this subject and keeps us from discussing whats at hand. I expected much more discussion about what was being observed in our skies on this forum, but unfortunately people take the easy way out and focus on who is hoaxing, what is cgi, what's a bug...and not much about what people are experiencing.

I can tell you about the formation of metallic cheveron shaped orbs above my head at Joshua Tree a couple of years ago, or the story about coming face to face with a man with cat-like irises, pale white skin, white spots in his hair and thumbs the same length as his fingers....but they are anecdotal and most think I would be making those up. But I can provide vast details of an experience I captured on film, and suddenly Im accused of hoaxing or mistaking something mundane and the discussion bleeds into other topis like lightning. The experience never gets discussed, rinse, repeat. All the while people are demanding disclosure. lol You all are going to have to listen and rely on each other first. Grassroots. If this IS all about aliens, things wont move forward much without us demonstrating we are indeed ready...then they will make broader moves. But the first step is in listening to each other, and having a large "grey box": you can put ideas in instead of labeling everything and anything presented here as bullshit. That serves no one.

Some of what I described above is in the article I linked here. Other experiencers trying to interpret what they saw have and will find it, compare and discuss regardless of someone trying to dissuade them from doing so by trying to shame them as mistaken. People can take the data into consideration or ignore it, but all in all there is so much more to the study of this field than just discussing balloons and hoaxes. As more and more folks have experiences, this will change.


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
Bug or alien craft? I see a bug. That's all I'm saying. If you see aliens, that's how your brain sees it. What is it more likely to be? Well I'm a believer in alien visitation, but I still see a bug, especially when I watch the moving video. I don't know for sure what it actually is. According to the definition of UFO by actual ufologists such as J Allen Hynek, it is not is a UFO. Blurry objects in the distance that could easily be interpreted as insects, don't qualify as UFOs. Of course that's just his opinion, and what credentials did he have that should make anyone pay attention to him. Right?



J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
Just because you haven't heard me out yet doesn't mean I can't admit when I'm wrong or that I'm "defensive" or anything of the sort.
You're right, but at the same time, that's not the reason it seemed to me you were being defensive. So it's also irrelevant. I Interpreted your reaction as defensive because you judged my response to be "silly", when it is a perfectly valid interpretation based on my study of the video you posted. Don't get me wrong here. I think these are all worth taking a look at regardless of what they are. If nothing else, it's interesting to see what sorts of videos people are interpreting as UFOs, even if they appear to myself or others to be something else.