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  1. JRTV

    Videos of Black Triangle and Shape Changing UFOs

    This was one of the strangest encounters I’ve had, and one of the more complex ones to explain. I was with a friend at a Los Angeles park in the late afternoon. I was looking towards to coast towards the southwest when I saw this strange shape changing object in the sky. As it got closer it...
  2. JRTV

    Video of Saucer-Pod UFO while filming Chemtrails Los Angeles 28 March, 2011

    In 2011, the Los Angeles area was getting inundated with chemtrails. It started the very first day of 2011, with planes spraying a giant tic-tac-toe gameboard in the sky. That day I took four photos of them about four seconds apart, and saw strange orbs in the shot. At the end of March I...