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Videos of Black Triangle and Shape Changing UFOs

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Paranormal Maven
This was one of the strangest encounters I’ve had, and one of the more complex ones to explain.

I was with a friend at a Los Angeles park in the late afternoon. I was looking towards to coast towards the southwest when I saw this strange shape changing object in the sky. As it got closer it looked like a giant leaf, then a tube with a handle on the end, then like a blob with two eyes.

I filmed what I could as it moved closer for about 6 minutes until I noticed a triangular object directly overhead coming from the opposite direction. It just appeared out of nowhere. I switched over and filmed the triangular object for a little under a minute, and then assuming it would be up there for a bit, I switched back to the original object. After filming for about 40 seconds, I looked back directly above me to start filming the triangular object again, and it had vanished. I looked in every direction for it. It didnt drift away. There was a gentle breeze that day. I would have seen it if it were still drifting. It had completely disappeared.

I had a difficult time wrapping my head around this sighting, because of the odd shapes and morphing motion of the first object, and the strange flight pattern and the flashing of red of the second.

There are energy plasma orbs that appear and collect together in our skies. They can combine to create symmetrical or odd shapes,’ including the large snake-like ‘ebanis’. And, if you can find a way to look closely, there is a motion happening in the texture or surface of the object. There is movement, and you’ll often see dark ‘holes’ or spots that change position on their surface. These energy orbs are often black or dark grey in overcast skies, but often flash colour too. In blue skies they’ll often be white or any number of different colours from a self contained luminous light.

Below you’ll see a slow-motion closeup of each object first, a medium shot, and then the original clip.

I’m embedding the triangular one first. This was directly overhead for about a minute before it completely disappeared.

This is a closeup of the first object I was tracking for most of the roughly 10 minute experience. It appeared to be the closest to us at this point.

Lastly, the entire experience with no edits at real time speed.

And not forgetting the “every ufo is a balloon” crowd, yes, I’m certain the triangular object overhead is not a ‘Mickey Mouse’ balloon. The ears of those are much higher on the head, and no part of it would flash from black to red with the smaller bulbs changing colour from black to blue and purple. It also would have continued moving in the sky for some time. This object just vanished.

I’m not saying this is proof of little green men, but these orbs are being filmed in different configurations all over the planet, and these are another example. But as usual, a small portion of folks will obsess about balloons, regardless, which makes this all especially entertaining.
The "UFOs" looks small and light, like balloons rotating in the wind, could the shape shifting appearance be just reflection at the surface seen at different angles?

To me it seems that the black UFO you said "changed colour and texture" is the result of low resolution, it looks pixelated when you zoom in with your phone, I think it is a combination of rotating and pixelation that make it seems like it is shifting shape.

I also find the tube with the handle on the end suspicious, like something that was attached to a string.