1. The Starman

    Angel's hair is another mystery of the UFO

    Already since the advent of Ufology, some extraterrestrial artifacts have been searched for, to prove that the Earth is actually visited by aliens. One such artifact has become famous and, hunted everywhere. The material is called, "angel's hair". This term in ufology subculture, has nothing to...
  2. Christopher O'Brien

    Global Weather Modification Causing Climate Chaos & Environmental Catastrophe

    [The growing body of slam-dunk scientific evidence supports the contention that current geo-engineering efforts are backfiring w/ alarming, catastrophic results! If you care about the health of our biosphere, this is a MUST READ summary of the problem. —chris] By Dane Wigington...
  3. JRTV

    Video of Saucer-Pod UFO while filming Chemtrails Los Angeles 28 March, 2011

    In 2011, the Los Angeles area was getting inundated with chemtrails. It started the very first day of 2011, with planes spraying a giant tic-tac-toe gameboard in the sky. That day I took four photos of them about four seconds apart, and saw strange orbs in the shot. At the end of March I...