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UFOs Northwest — UFO Sightings Updates

UFOs Northwest

Special Correspondent
Staff member
Valuable task!
In following the reports from northern California, there seems to have been a dramatic increase in reported sightings.
Yes, and there has been a surge of sightings from N. California since the last show. Apparently some of the sightings could be due to Spacelink satellites launched by Space X.


Paranormal Novice
At UFO stalker there were reports clearly suggestive of the starlink satellites. Davenport still hasnt uploaded the latest batch due to software problems and large numbers of reports. He will probably parenthetically note the obvious starlink sightings.


Others would say' load of bollocks '(sex pistols) the orb activity is real whatever it is ? The actions and interaction with eyewitness differed . Listening to MU podcast which was very good and the tech is far advanced than we know going on the interactions with these orbs . Whoever owns this gear open minds shows A.I .capability as the use of holographic tech during the 1980s and 1990s. As many credible eyewitness have suggested we are not alone . Missing time is a element and said those who suggest its all homegrown are deflecting the reality for agenda . Poltergeist is a residue of contact and time travel/ off- world is a good guess as any. As BG 'Clear Intent ' *1983) many cases from numerous officials to the top who actualy were there. .

UFOs Northwest

Special Correspondent
Staff member